Is This Good Parenting? Or Good Ol Fashion “Someone Call CPS!”?

an f-bi sent me this video and i know,
i just know,
there maybe some opinions on it.
father catches his daughter’s booty shakin’ on cam and well…

Father punishes his daughters by whooping them with a cable wire after finding out they did a twerk video on Facebook. Good parenting or did he take it too far?

damn homie!
i bet he made them upload the video as punishment too.
i know for me,
i was terrified of the belt.
my poor ass,
whatever wasn’t missed would be tore the fuck up.
my parent’s didn’t play that.
that fear always kept me in line tho.
i knew that if i did wrong or cross the line,
they would give me an old fashion ass whuppin.

so i had to ask:

Was the father wrong?

lowkey: those who use to get their ass whupped,
didn’t you hate the cousin,
or other sibling,
that would be standing there giggling?

20 thoughts on “Is This Good Parenting? Or Good Ol Fashion “Someone Call CPS!”?

  1. I don’t have any statistics to back this up, but a father who lives in the household and isn’t afraid for the occasional ass whooping will probably keep those two girls off the pole. Congratulations Dad.

  2. I feel he totally went over the line. You cannot beat your kids every time they are in the wrong or if they fuck up. You do not have to do all of that to keep them disciplined or inline.

    Lowkey that screaming was tear jerking lol.

    1. How do you know he beats them everytime? Maybe that one thing he thought they went to far. Im not saying he was right b….ut.

  3. Good Parenting… If your daughters are gonna shake their asses on camera like video hoes. give them a taste how those rappers pimps and men are gonna treat and beat them. Fathers are definitely needed in childrens lives. and when theyre wrong a parent should correct it. Serves them fucking right.

  4. they had on sweatsuits. They’ll be fine. Nothing a little Epsom salt and a hot bathtub can’t fix.

  5. Disciplining your child via corporal punishment is not violence. I got whooped plenty of times, deservedly, and never had the inclination to be violent towards others. Parents just gotta be consistent and not do it in hate. Further, kids often exaggerate when they do get a whooping to convince the whooper to finish early. As those girls did. If they didn’t want to get hit from the front, they should have assumed the position and stayed there.

    Parents need to realize, someone is going to touch your child when they do wrong. Either it will be the parents, the police, or someone to put them 6 feet under!

    But to be clear, whooping doesn’t replace good parenting. It should be a companion to it, when needed.

    1. Technically it’s child abuse ..I’m pretty sure he left marks and bruises and his rights can be petitioned for physical abuse. Beating children is wrong…no justification for it period. Corporal punishment is an instrument of power and control..never has it been efficient in preventing delinquent or deviant behavior.

      1. That’s a flat out lie! I’m a witness to that and so are many, many others!

        Walter Williams – “Making a Case for Corporal Punishment”

        “the practice of whipping and or spanking kids undeniably produced a more civilized younger generation compared to today’s current youngsters. The use of foul language and assault on teachers and adults by those younger would never have been thought of in past eras when corporal punishment was used says Williams. He makes a strong argument of how criminals who are arrested and are repeat offenders would probably agree that the use of punishment on them in the beginning to set them straight would have done more to change their behavior rather than giving them counseling over and over again. There seems to be a strong point to the use of some mild forms of punishment on children to set them on the right path. Although it really is impossible to prove one side or the other, the use of corporal punishment can have very positive effects on unruly children.”

      2. Butter what you have provided is not empirical but more of a review of an article. Child negative externalization has continually been correlative to spanking.

        This is cross cultural as meta-analysis has shown in national representative samples that corporal punishment positively correlates to impairment in child learning cognition, along with negative internalization and externalization. I coordinate parenting skills training for families referred to Child Protective Services.

  6. Don’t believe using violence against children. Don’t want them to grow up thinking it’s appropriate to hit someone you love when you are angry or as a suitable form of punishment.

    If a person were to assault a stranger on the street it’s a crime, but a parent feels justified in beating the shit out of a child?

    Oh okay.

    It’s problematic when an adult can’t communicate to a child without using violence or threatening violence.

      1. BEAT THE BRAKES OFF THEY BAD ASSES. No mercy! lol

        Just kidding.

        It’s not gonna solve anything and everyone feels horrible afterwards.

        Some children are baby sociopaths. They don’t have a conscience, at all, they are scary. Can’t do much with those hellions, except keep them from the general population and small animals.

        Most kids are good though. Too many parents go whole hot ham and cheese on that ass for minor infractions. When a stern look or simple command/conversation would have worked.

        A reason why I avoid Wal-Mart is you either see a child being ignored completely or see them get cussed out and either punched, kicked, slapped, or pushed. All races and mostly by the mothers. Disturbing shit. Oftentimes it looks like the adult is trying to break the child’s spirit instead of punishment.

        I’m just saying that there should be a big difference between punishment and felonious assault/child abuse.

  7. Oh no. I’m all for Whooping a child’s ass. But if that didn’t cross the line into abuse. It definitely stepped on the line of abuse. You can’t do frontal hits. Especially not when you acting like a gotdamn slave master, with the whip.

    It’s good parenting, in how he went about punishing them. They probably won’t do it again. But at the same time using a cord that wildly, on their fronts makes it not good parenting.

    From the top of the butt to the back of the knee is fair game in a whooping. The rest can always be seen as abuse..

  8. I don’t think he should have used a cable wire (I think that is going to far). He should have just used a belt. In the moment, you grab the first thing you see though. lol.
    I wasn’t the type of child to get whooped. My grandparents didn’t want anyone to lay their hands on me; not even my own parents lol. When I did get whopped it wasn’t for long and my dad would do it. I wasn’t a bad kid, so I didn’t get whopped or punished often.

  9. I’m calling CPS lol. Hell yea that nigga went to far. Damn, I knew that shit hurt. That almost reminded me when I used to get beat. I stayed getting spanked, but I all that was before I was a pre-teen tho lol.

    I bet when someone wants them to twerk they will run and run far away lol.

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