Watch My Pole!


isn’t it terrible when your pole gets in the way?
don’t act like it never has.
oh wait…
you aren’t pole jumping and your name isn’t hiroki ogita.
he was participating in the pole vault competition at the rio olympics today.
a foxholer sent me what happened via ny daily news
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Don’t Grab On Vernon Davis Meat When Trying To Tackle Him

tumblr_mx7gtqNyCA1qcmeevo1_500we all know baller wolves play dirty on the field.
well t.j mcdonald of the rams had a…
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f0XXX: Assault With A Deadly Penis

bangbangbangso foxes check the scenario.
wolves i know you can relate.
you talkin to a wolf,
teasin’ him in texts,
sending him booty pics,
and the whole 9 yards.
“ima put it on you.”
that’s what you sayin to him.
well ya’ll hook up after drivin’ him crazy and:


this fox in this foxxx clearly learned the hard way…

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Pull My Dreads From the Back Daddy!

tumblr_moglt9iWTR1rd45ugo3_400remember him?
his name is santonio.
he was a question mark until discussed he was a sex siren.
well an f-bi sent me an email with more of his nsfw pics and a little message…

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My Poor Booty Hole

broken-bed_31395360let’s talk about fuckin’.
i wanted to fuck last week.

i wanted to fuck my grief away.
i wanted to get fucked so hard,
i would see stars that star fox would appear before me.
even if his ex wanted to fuck,
i would have turned it down.
the one time i wanted to get my ass handed to me,
i couldn’t do anything because i had a little problem.

as a fox,
we know this problem all too well.
it can come from a multiple of sources,
but once it happens,
you are pretty much left with sitting it out or using your mouth.
you already guessed.
the hemorrhoid.
the ultimate pain in our ass.
no matter how small or fat our butt cheeks are,
ain’t nothing worst than that.
we are like family so “tmi” in advanceā€¦

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Is This Good Parenting? Or Good Ol Fashion “Someone Call CPS!”?

an f-bi sent me this video and i know,
i just know,
there maybe some opinions on it.
father catches his daughter’s booty shakin’ on cam and well…

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