Pull My Dreads From the Back Daddy!

tumblr_moglt9iWTR1rd45ugo3_400remember him?
his name is santonio.
he was a question mark until discussed he was a sex siren.
well an f-bi sent me an email with more of his nsfw pics and a little message…


x see his NSFW pictures

He claims to be hybrid but from multiple sources say he is a skilled power fox who likes his dreads yanked while he’s twerking on the dick.

the texts are always good.
talking about how he gonna break your back open in bed.
he turns you on until you start fiending.
you get him in the bed and he…
well he don’t want to be the one “doing it”.
happens to the best of us.
so this one here is for the wolves.
sorry foxes.

lowkey: id like to see him get piped.

tumblr_mf9cgjQknu1r01q3do1_1280he does look like he would show out on a stiff one.

7 thoughts on “Pull My Dreads From the Back Daddy!

  1. Wow, I have seen so much shade thrown his way on Tumblr and other blogs and this dude name Pony Zion, they must make a lot of people feel some kind of way because they generate a lot of negative comments and feedback. I have to give this dude props on his body, its a work of art, Im sure some of it is genetics, but he has to have a good work out ethic to maintain it, he does look like the type though that it might not be too much there besides the body, I may be wrong but from some of the comments about him I dont know. He looks damn good never the less, but a fox would be my first thought upon seeing him.

    1. Yea I dont understand all the slander against pony zion. He has a nice body no lie but he is the BIGGEST Queen you will ever meet.

      1. When I read Queen that was it for me lol. Dudes probably hate on him cause he looks good tho, that’s why they slander him. You know how dudes are in this life.

  2. you thought santino, of all people , uses his dick..? LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  3. think for the first time…I’m SPEECHLESS i’ve seen him before but i never knew his name, I WONT forget it after today..his nice tight BAWDY….that’s not BODY that’s BAWDY…smh god bless the individual who gets to pipe that down on the regular

  4. You can tell he’s a freak. I need a minute after looking at his pics. Man this dude is something else, and in a good way. I would love to put my tongue on every inch of that body. I’ll just leave it at that.

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