f0xmail: I Tore His Bunz Up, I’m Over It, But He Wants More! Help!


Hey Jamari,

Recently my biggest fantasy turned into my worst nightmare. For the last few months I have been crushing on this trainer at my gym. He is fine as hell! So fine that he should be plastered all over tumblr. I’m 6 ft so he is about 6ft 3, a redbone with few tattoos, big chest, big arms, and football player’s booty. Just like we like him. Anyway we speak every now and then, mostly about fitness. He gives me some tips since I’m too cheap to hire a trainer. I never had any awkward interactions with him like you do with Work wolf but my spider senses insisted he plays for the team.

Finally after following each other on IG I discover he has a Girlfriend! A white one at that. Boo! So I tossed my feelings aside and just called it an L. Well I was in the gym one day…on Jackd…don’t judge me. And I saw a chest pic that looked mighty familiar and close. It was him! Long story short after confirming he was bi curious we made plans to kick at his crib. I know don’t judge me. He is fine! So I did not give a fuck about fucking that lady’s boyfriend. Well the joke was on me. Jamari he went from str8/bi-curious to a power bottom real quick! Jamari I’m a bottom but I occasionally I top. When we met up I didn’t expect booty to be on the menu but he had an ASS out of this world. So I fucked the shit out of him.

The problem is now that I fucked him, he keeps blowing me up for some more dick. He says he used to messing with white guys but he loves chocolate because of me. I’m not gone lie I’m tempted because the booty was good but he has turned me alll the way off. Sending me ass pictures and videos of him smacking his ass in the middle of the day. I blocked him on my iphone but he just started hitting me up on Jackd. Honestly he’s a nice guy but I’m not interested anymore.

How do I tell this to him in a nice way?


(…oh and the following will be:

kinda not for “the straights”)
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Pull My Dreads From the Back Daddy!

tumblr_moglt9iWTR1rd45ugo3_400remember him?
his name is santonio.
he was a question mark until discussed he was a sex siren.
well an f-bi sent me an email with more of his nsfw pics and a little message…

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