f0xmail: I Tore His Bunz Up, I’m Over It, But He Wants More! Help!


Hey Jamari,

Recently my biggest fantasy turned into my worst nightmare. For the last few months I have been crushing on this trainer at my gym. He is fine as hell! So fine that he should be plastered all over tumblr. I’m 6 ft so he is about 6ft 3, a redbone with few tattoos, big chest, big arms, and football player’s booty. Just like we like him. Anyway we speak every now and then, mostly about fitness. He gives me some tips since I’m too cheap to hire a trainer. I never had any awkward interactions with him like you do with Work wolf but my spider senses insisted he plays for the team.

Finally after following each other on IG I discover he has a Girlfriend! A white one at that. Boo! So I tossed my feelings aside and just called it an L. Well I was in the gym one day…on Jackd…don’t judge me. And I saw a chest pic that looked mighty familiar and close. It was him! Long story short after confirming he was bi curious we made plans to kick at his crib. I know don’t judge me. He is fine! So I did not give a fuck about fucking that lady’s boyfriend. Well the joke was on me. Jamari he went from str8/bi-curious to a power bottom real quick! Jamari I’m a bottom but I occasionally I top. When we met up I didn’t expect booty to be on the menu but he had an ASS out of this world. So I fucked the shit out of him.

The problem is now that I fucked him, he keeps blowing me up for some more dick. He says he used to messing with white guys but he loves chocolate because of me. I’m not gone lie I’m tempted because the booty was good but he has turned me alll the way off. Sending me ass pictures and videos of him smacking his ass in the middle of the day. I blocked him on my iphone but he just started hitting me up on Jackd. Honestly he’s a nice guy but I’m not interested anymore.

How do I tell this to him in a nice way?


(…oh and the following will be:

kinda not for “the straights”)

“fuckin’ the shit out of…”
“breakin’ their back…”
“beatin’ that ________ up…”
“they tapped out…”
“fucked them completely stupid…”


those are the phrases used when turning someone out.
we also need to hear what the other animal had to say.
those of us on the bottom,
or with a pussy,
tend to have a different story.
when we get into the bed with anyone,
we always want to make sure we get great performance reviews.
nothing worse than someone saying we were:

“it was aight”
“just laid there”
“i had to do all the work”


if you were attracted enough for them to get in the drawz,
you always need to put in work when it comes down to the fuckin’.
once you do,
and you know how to emotionally gut someone as well,
you can have anyone under your spell.
the only problem is,
whether you did it emotionally or physically,
you can turn someone completely out and make them crazy.
you ever turned the tables on someone who thought they “had” you?
once you take whatever it is away suddenly,
it never ends well for you.

don’t think because you see some masculine attentionisto,
and they’re use to having others do what they want,
doesn’t mean YOU won’t turn them out with some off the wall sex.
nothing turns me on more than that.

the thought of having the “suraqahs”,
the “bk brandons”,
the “devin thomas”,
the “steven becks”,
the “kellon deyrcks”,
the “work wolfs”,
and the “so on and so forths” hooked on me.
i’m horny just thinking about it.


since you gave your crush the best dick he hasn’t gotten in a while,
and you are giving him emotional manipulation by ignoring him,
you have him completely under your spell.
the problem is he isn’t what you want or need.
you went into it giving 20%.
he seemed to have always been always attracted to you,
so he opened up and gave you 80%.

this can create a potential stalker

that’s the negative side of giving someone the good sex.
once you give it,
and you are over it,
you still have this other animal who wants more.
just like with emotionally fuckin’ someone,
the “cold shoulder” will break them down and open insecurities.

My advice…

tell him upfront that you’re not interested.
you are only creating the “chase” for him.
with these types,
you have togo soft” in your response.
don’t go off or be nasty.
let him know his positive qualities first,
and then break it off gently
it may sound stupid,
but it works.
  if you want to fuck again in the future,
you can hit him back up with the sweet talk.
you don’t want to burn bridges in case he is a little unstable.

communication is always the key

if people learned how to communicate better,
there wouldn’t be so much hurt feelings in these forests.

salt…am i right?

i hope this helped!
as always,
keep me updated with future developments!

jamari fox

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “f0xmail: I Tore His Bunz Up, I’m Over It, But He Wants More! Help!”

    1. ^its always the ones we don’t particularly want getting hooked.
      maybe we need to treat the ones we do want,
      like the ones we don’t want,
      and maybe that’s the meaning of life?

  1. Eh I’ve been there many times. You just gave him something he never had before or hasn’t had in a while and it was probably fairly convenient since he knew you in passing instead of you being a random.

    Give it time. Eventually, he’ll be on to the next dick.

  2. I honestly think it’s better to straight up tell him that you’re not interested in him anymore, but through a text because I don’t trust people who have obvious crazy signs and this dude have some crazy signs that could be potentially dangerous. And for your safety and his insanity, I strong advise you to switch to another gym.

    I know some of y’all gonna say the red bone is not crazy, but bitch the reader blocked his ass and now he stalking him thru Jackd and blowing up his phone up. Come on! If someone was to block me I would easily get the message, but this dude doesn’t. He can’t put two and two together. So clearly something wrong with him. Plus he’s liar cause bi-curious with a loose bootyhole? Pineapple, please. This all scream, CRAZY!!!

    1. ^I agree with you Lindo. He should be straight-forward with the guy. Tell him…I thought we had an understanding that it was a one-time thing. I know you want more, but my mind-frame is not the same as yours at this moment. Let’s just take it as a learning experience for the both of us and move forward.
      If he can’t accept that, transfer to another gym to avoid him. If he starts stalking you, tell him you’ll tell his girl if he doesn’t back off. If that doesn’t work…call the cops.

      1. Even if the guy accept it, I still think he should transfer cause it’s going to be so awkward seeing him and knowing that you fucked him and don’t have any interest in. Yea it better to transfer o at least know what his schedule so they bumped into each other.

  3. He took the extreme measure of blocking him on his phone, yet he has a difficult time telling the attentionista that he’s no longer interested? I’m calling bullshht on his story. Many of us don’t BLOCK a person on our phones unless a serious violation has occurred (or is already in the making). And after the BLOCK has occurred, the person getting Blocked gets the message loud and clear. So why then does he need the courage to say leave me alone? Chile stop! 🙁

    1. Exactly!

      Just tell the man you’re not interested if that’s all there is. How hard is that? You dug into his cakes & now the hole is so deep you don’t know how to get out…You were man enough to hit it, be man enough to tell him you wanna quit it.

      You knew he had a woman & you still went for it & now sh*t has hit the fan like a scene from Fatal Attraction.

      You know what you need to do…if this is the full story.

    2. To the reader, I think you should try to see it from he trainer’s point of view. He’s bicurious and is new to black dick( which in itself is powerful lol), so once you rocked his world, he’s gonna want more. I don’t see the problem from the story you say he has great ass, and you seemed to enjoy yourself. It just seems like he want to be fuck buddies, but you block him on your phone instead of just straight out telling him how you feel, so of course he’s gonna act the way he’s acting.

      If it was a one time thing be upfront and let him know so he can move on. He may have caught feelings who knows, once a him the power of good black dick can do that do you 😆.

      I have to wonder from reading this letter if the reader’s and trainer’s sexual roles had anything to do with it. The reader says he mostly bottoms but tops on occasion (bottom/verse), but the ass was just so good. If this trainer was a total top I wonder if this situation would be different, since it seems like there are more bottoms than tops out here, thus giving tops more options and power. (Just a thought)

      1. ^great thought mikey!!!
        it leads into a wonderful discussion.
        i think the reader may have been hooked if the trainer’s pipe was that powerful.
        plus he was already open to him being a “wolf”.
        it’s funny how these things work.

  4. I was with you Jamari until I got to this part: “if you want to fuck again in the future,
    you can hit him back up with the sweet talk.” That’s a no-no. I don’t know why these men get into messy situations and then panic when the ish hits the fans. This man showed signs of self-hate and insecurities and that should have been enough to leave him alone. Fast forward, they had an intimate affair, and the man who wanted to be the bottom turned out that he had to top and that’s the real reason he’s “over it.” It’s messy, but he needs to stop dealing with mess. I give it 3 months and this reader will be sending another fox mail with more mess.

  5. OMG, why have I LOL at this Fox mail. This reminds me of a Redbone trainer at my gym back in the day who had a White wife who would always come to the gym with him. This older Kat at the gym would always be sweating and jocking him up in his face and he eventually ponied up money and hired him as a trainer. Me and my gym partner at the time would always talk about his thirst being that he was married too, but it was obvious how he would parade in the locker room butt ass naked all the time, that he got down. Well my homeboy seen them out at a restaurant one night together, so the next time he ran into him at the gym, he boldly asked him was they messing around and the dude told him that he started hanging out with the trainer and that led to them messing around and he was a bottom. When I tell you I almost fell the “F” out. This is when I learned that many times when you see these ripped Black dudes with Snow Bunnies, many times they are power bottoms especially the clean cut types. Maybe he let his guard down because both were married, the trainer was both cute and fine but the other dude was a Hot Ass Mess(HAM) but I guess he had the confidence or the intuition to know that the trainer got down.

    I would have love to meet a trainer that was a fox, hell I would be the one stalking his ass, it is something about a super masculine, good body bottom that will make me right a hot check. I guess the dude in the Fox mail got tricked by the Devil in this situation being that they both liked the same thing.

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