I’d Give Brandon Davis My Heart (and Some Foxtail)

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 8.57.42 PMi don’t care if he happens to like the snow foxes.
he hasn’t met me yet.
seriously tho…
at 5’8 and 198 pounds,
brandon davis is really attractive to me…

i love his lips and especially that nose.
big noses are so attractive to me.
i would turn his little ass out.

“you can slide on my ice like the escapade 
and itchy-gitchy-yaya with the marmalade 
who me?
not you,
oh yes,
who’s he? 
  i even dig yo’ man’s style,
but I love yo’ profile 
whisper in your ear and get you all shook up 
but don’t blush,
just keep this on the hush”

would you like that brandon?


i think you would.
brandon is currently getting his degree in sociology,
as well as playing rugby for montana state university.
he recently also just ( x came out ).
i’ll allow him.

pictures credited: brandon davis | zabian productions

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “I’d Give Brandon Davis My Heart (and Some Foxtail)”

  1. 😂😂 Jamari you crazy as hell, he making your inner ratchet come out clearly

    Why do we think he only messes with snow animals? I’m sure we’ll know real soon now that he’s out anyways.

  2. Because educated brothas that are into other brothas dont hang out in those attention craving circles. They make it look obvious now a days.

  3. First …… Remember he’s in Montana

    Second……… He used to hang with Cam Newton
    – was in a commercial with him several years ago

    Third …… He’s a Fox

    1. …and yeah Jamari, except maybe when dude’s “playin’ in the snow”, he’s definitely a fox yo…my wolf senses quickly picked that up w/ jus a few photos/words outta his mouth

    1. I’m not that big on height, but Napoleons aren’t necessarily my type.

      I need to see more to be convince he’s a snow chaser though. I guess someone can ask without coming off too bold.

  4. I’m gonna wait until I see who’s his boo thang first. That all I’m gonna say even tho I’m pretty certain what type of men he’s into.

    Don’t get me wrong, I understand people have a type, but come on now 95% of this world are solely attracted to white people, especially when they get money, and the thing is there’s a wide variety of men in this world but yet all of the attention goes to white men. I been with white men the same as I been with Mexican and Mulatos, and I gotta say I honestly don’t see what is the big deal about white men.

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