Joseph D Likes To Work His (and Your) Bunz Off!

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 8.26.20 PMso i think joseph d is very handsome.
oh wait!
i forgot to tell you…
joseph is from ( x wolf meat 430 ).
well he is another that a foxholer actually updated me about.
joseph is a legit personal trainer,
like one who teaches an actual class an an actual building,
and a very inspiring foxhole fashionisto.
check these random shots of joseph…


i realllllllllyyyy love his style,
but his face tho.
his features are perfect.
he looks like this wolf i use to have a crush on in high school.
he sat in front of me in english class.
he was a bad wolf too.
*day dreams*
so here is joseph in some videos:

ya know…
i think the wolves would be more interested in this one.
just a hunch?
i can sense they would devour him whole.
shit he looks like he would be a good work out too.
23igqp1i may allow it.

lowkey: i’m all about his thread game.
his clothes inspired me for spring.

pictures and videos credited: joseph d

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “Joseph D Likes To Work His (and Your) Bunz Off!”

    1. ^ive asked a few people and they ask me “why are you going to the gym?
      you look fine…”
      when i can afford it and a trainer,
      i’ll put that on prior.
      getting this blog off the ground and leaving this fuck shit job is my main focus e.

      1. True I hear you Jamari. Your day will come soon that you’ll be making money off your blog. I miss you writing the exotic sex stories up here. Hell I think you could start making money off those stories because they were so freaking good.

    1. I clocked that! Also get into how perfectly crafted those eyebrows off. You know all these IG models/trainers look alike but this nigga makes my spider sense vibrate

  1. He is definitely one of my types, but I adore his eyes tho. I am a sucker for Chino eyes especially on a black man cause it makes him more appealing in my opinion

  2. Notice this personal trainer isn’t super fuckin ripped with muscle on top of muscle like so many of the fitness herbalife junkies. He actually has the body type us normal everyday men can achieve. It’s refreshing to see a man who’s muscular without every part of his body flexing even though he isn’t flexing and veins popping like he just turned into a super sayian.

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