Don’t Grab On Vernon Davis Meat When Trying To Tackle Him

tumblr_mx7gtqNyCA1qcmeevo1_500we all know baller wolves play dirty on the field.
well t.j mcdonald of the rams had a…
a different strategy in bringing down vernon davis yesterday…

951i mean… wow.
i’d play dirty so i’d grab on his meat too.
well his ass mostly.

see this is why i don’t play football.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Don’t Grab On Vernon Davis Meat When Trying To Tackle Him”

  1. Maybe he didn’t know he had a hold of his dick.That was very nice of Vernon to turn his ass up and hold it for a few seconds like he was begging to be fucked or licked.

    1. Nah, dude grabbed it on purpose. Niners and Rams are rivals, and in the video you can clearly see he grabbed it on purpose. He had his inner thigh first before he grabbed the meat.

      I know Vernon has to be sore, but he is a trooper he’ll be fine. I bet he is somewhere laughing about it now lol.

  2. Well damn, I aint never seen that blatant of a dirty hit, I know this is going to end up being talked about on a comedy show. Im thinking they can play DeAngelo’s How does it feel while showing this clip. Dude broke all the man laws with this one and needs to be called out.

  3. As far as the defender grabbing Vernon Davis’ dick and/or balls, don’t football players wear cups in their jock straps? If not, why not?

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