I Can’t Take It Anymore (RIP Paul Walker)

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 10.40.44 PMthat is a picture of paul walker’s friend at the scene.
the police are trying to detain him as he ran to help paul out the car.
that got to me.
his father’s reaction tho…

….that hurt me so much.
i hate that this happened.
i still cannot wrap my mind around it.
every thing ive read about paul has been positive.
he had a big heart and he helped people especially with his charity work.
i made the mistake of going to bossip and seeing a charred foot at the scene.
tmz putting videos up of the car upon impact.
too much.
i send my deepest and sincerest prayers to his family,
especially his daughter.
i know that poor girl must be devastated.
she just moved in with him too.

lowkey: paul walker’s death got me the way aaliyah,
and michael did.
the crazy part is they killed him off in an internet hoax,
and he died the following day.
ain’t that shit crazy?
words are so real.

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “I Can’t Take It Anymore (RIP Paul Walker)”

  1. I didnt even follow the most recent headlines. I just can’t for some reasom. He was the first ‘white guy’ I wanted to smash at 11 when he was in Varsity Blues, She’s All That, Fast & Furious etc. A lot of ppl low key thought he was THE ONE watching F&F… ppl slept on Paul Walker. RIP.

    1. ^you feel me uts!
      he was a gorgeous snow wolf inside and out.
      the first time i saw him,
      he was in a movie called “running scared”.
      then i watched his other movies and of course fast and furious….
      i knew he was the one.
      he just turned 40 and looked great for his age.
      he had a young spirit and was incredibly humble.
      everything ive read about this man is heartbreaking.
      maybe i have too much compassion but his death depressed me.

  2. i loved him in running scared and joyride…he seemed a sweet guy…God rest him and those eyes he was so dreamy!!!!. R.I.P. Paul sleep peacefully angel you’ve earned your wings..and ironically my sister said the same thing the other day about how his death made her cry like she did when aaliyah did and she didn’t even know him personally…;-( #deathsucks

  3. I don’t know how these people are so open.If I knew him I probably wouldn’t leave my room for days.Especially if he was my son.I can’t deal with the death of a loved one like everybody else.

    I was surprised to learn how old his daughter is.When they said he had a kid, I assumed that she was a little baby since it seems all celebrities are in their 40’s and 50’s yet got young ass 5 to 8yo children and not teenagers/adults.

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