Watch My Pole!


isn’t it terrible when your pole gets in the way?
don’t act like it never has.
oh wait…
you aren’t pole jumping and your name isn’t hiroki ogita.
he was participating in the pole vault competition at the rio olympics today.
a foxholer sent me what happened via ny daily news


First, Japanese pole vaulter Hiroki Ogita’s leg touched the bar; then what’s in between his legs touched it, too, knocking it loose from the 5.3 meter height.

While he did clear the bar on his second attempt, Ogita didn’t make the cut for Monday’s final, finishing 21st in qualifying.

Pow! Right in the penis


hurt.imagine if that was a black wolf?
he might have broke that whole situation.

article taken: ny daily news

4 thoughts on “Watch My Pole!

  1. I believe that that asian small dick is a stereotype. Keep in mind they like everything petite and small culturally, so probably thats what they feature in thier flicks. I’ve seen some that have huge ass dicks. There is this one straight wolf that does flicks and he is a good size. His name escapes me….

  2. Sad… He should be thanking the Gods that he don’t have much to work with, although their are a few Asians that have average size penis (rare find)

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