Cam Newton is Entering “New Blackness” Territory

Cam-Newtonhas baller wolf for the carolina panthers,
cam newton,
been turned out?

i’m starting to believe so.
i should have known by some of his outfit choices.
so in a recent interview with gq for the september issue,
cam thinks we are past racism.
as a nation,
that is.
this is what he had to say via espn


In a wide-ranging interview with GQ, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton told the magazine he doesn’t think he is subjected to extra scrutiny because he is black.
“It’s not racism,” Newton told GQ. “Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion.”
Newton has been critiqued for his playing style and demeanor on and off the field throughout his five seasons in the NFL, and some have pointed to Newton’s race as part of the reason he receives such criticism.
The quarterback, however, dismissed that idea to GQ.
“I don’t want this to be about race, because it’s not. It’s not,” Newton said. “Like, we’re beyond that. As a nation.”

Before Super Bowl 50, Newton created headlines when he described himself as “an African-American quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they haven’t seen nothing they can compare me to.” He later eased off those comments in the run-up to his first Super Bowl appearance, when he became the sixth black quarterback to start the NFL’s title game.

“I don’t even want to touch the topic of black quarterback, because I think this game is bigger than black, white or green,” Newton said in February before the game. “I think we limit ourselves when we just label ourselves just black, this, that and the third. I wanted to bring awareness because of that, but yet I don’t think I should be labeled just a black quarterback, because it’s bigger things in this sport that need to be accomplished.”

Asked by GQ about other hot-button national issues, Newton said he doesn’t have an opinion on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and wouldn’t say whether he voted for North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory.

“I love people too much to care about those type of things,” Newton told GQ.


i’m starting to think that some of the blacks in the industry are brainwashed.
they say the stupidest shit to get let in the door.
it’s like hazing for a fraternity.
they become “new blacks” to get more money and fame.
i hope his negro wake up call isn’t a tough one.
he is so handsome too.

lowkey: i do like that coat on the cover tho.
the outfits they styled him for the magazine as well…

it looks like fall is about superheros and comic characters.
i’m going to love this…

pictures credited: gq magazine

article taken: espn

full interview: gq magazine

18 thoughts on “Cam Newton is Entering “New Blackness” Territory

  1. *sigh*

    After an embarrassing culmination of an otherwise stellar season at the SB, and the ridiculous fallout that ensued afterward, I was hoping this clown would make Spike grin by doing the right thing by stfu and jus play, but naw naw, j/k…it’s too early for his tomfoolery esp when the season ain’t even started

  2. That cover looks photoshopped badly

    I think alot of athletes of color think this way. The way they see it is it ‘s not their color that got them the accomplishments it’s their talent.

    Still fine just don’t ask him to many thought-provoking questions

  3. Yeh…I hear the words but God save you when reality sets in…its gonna crush ya, baby boy! ….and the Queen City boys say he’s not packin power downstairs either but he’s given up the cookies a couple times…hell, Idk. Smh

  4. He’s definitely not all that looks wise. Money and fancy clothes make anyone over 6ft look good.

    Im not surprised at his comments at all. There’s a reason why black men with less than stellar IQs and athletic ability are promoted through school all the way to the NFL so they can make ignorant statements like this.

    He gets a big paycheck but make no mistake, these professional athletes are living hand to mouth getting paid by white men that will discard them when they can’t play anymore and leave them with no skills and physical injuries.

    1. No, u’rw def not the only one bruh…he’s life Mehcad Brooks; by most conventions, he should be hot/attractive…but all u wanna do is turn up your nose n punch ’em…one of them punchable faces n shit

    1. Exactly King, he is an athlete. I wasn’t expecting him to discuss institutional racism and oppression in GQ magazine. Some of these black athletes come from low socioeconomic backgrounds but they heavily believe in respectability politics and “post racial” America. I’ll never forget when the media referred to him as cocky and arrogant, black people were defending him and now all of a sudden it’s “racism doesn’t exist anymore”.These white folks see you as nothing as a black body with athletic capabilities. In addition to that he didn’t have any thoughts on Donald Trump or state if he voted for Pat McCrory? No surprise there.

  5. When I heard of this today, I was in utter disbelief. I did not expect to hear this from him of all people. Racism is still a relevant issue not only in this nation but worldwide. I know people can form their own opinions, but damn Cam needs to get his mind right.

    White people do wish for him to fail because he is black and has been successful so far. I know certain comments were made about him as he was going up against Peyton in the Superbowl, and if he heard them he would be singing a different tune. Cam have several seats.

  6. That is one fine ass man. Face. Smile. Teeth. Body. Rich. .he just proves nobody is perfect. If I got with him I’d definitely have to take him to the carryout for some chicken wings and mumbo sauce just to keep him grounded

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