If You Are Transgender, You Could Enroll At Spelman Soon

Pic060-174spelman college,
which is known for it’s all vixen’s campus,
will now be sharing.
transgenders may be able to attend pretty soon.
the ajc had the following story that caught my eye…

Spelman College’s president is convening a task force to provide recommendations on whether the all-women’s, historically black college will admit transgender students.

President Mary Schmidt Campbell included the information in a welcome back letter to the campus community on Thursday and posted on the private school’s website.

Spelman is the latest prestigious women’s college to consider admitting transgender students. Other institutions, including Barnard College in New York City and the other members of The Seven Sisters association of historical woman’s institutions in the northeast have already enacted policies admitting those students.

The transgender task force is one of two Campbell is creating to review campus issues. A separate emergency planning committee has been tasked with developing polices and procedures for the campus to follow in emergencies. The task force considering transgender students will be headed by Spelman’s vice president of enrollment management.

Reports from both groups are expected by the end of the school year.


i guess we have to go with the times.
things are changing and transgenders are here.
i hope they do a full background check on the students trying to enroll.
any random pervert could “pretend” to be a vixen.
that is my only concern.
i can also see fighting and cattiness in the future as well.
some vixens may have a problem with this.
so i had to ask the foxhole…

Should transgendered students attend all vixen colleges?

lowkey: will transgender males attend morehouse soon too?

article credited: ajc

13 thoughts on “If You Are Transgender, You Could Enroll At Spelman Soon

  1. But they aren’t real women? What I mean is, naturally born female. Can’t the transgender community just have their own campus or like an LGBT campus? If women can have a women only campus, can’t trans-women or men have their own as well?

  2. Students in the Atlanta University Center can already take classes at other institutions so Spelman has probably already had a transgendered student on its campus in some form. But the real story is how they plan to integrate into dorms, however, this is Atlanta we’re talking about so it’s not out of the norm. Spelman/AUC should be more concerned about freshmen girls being turned out by drug dealers.

    I do find the comments of “checking to see if they’re transgendered” a bit disturbing same with those comments in similar sentiments regarding the bathroom laws in nc and mississippi.

  3. Whatever. I’ll believe it when it happens. Spelman and Morehouse have a strong alumni of bourgeoisie, conservative black people.

    The way HBCUs are already struggling they can’t afford to lose the little alumni donations and support they do receive.

    This is ridiculous.

    1. As an HBCU alum, I’m with Jay on this one. The AUC, like most other black colleges, still has to walk that line between appearing progressive and actually “being” progressive (which might cause alumni backlash). Whenever I hear the term “task force” in the same sentence I think “uh oh, somebody’s gotten on to them and they must look progressive until this blows over”….but we will see. Perhaps Spelman will turn the page.

  4. Lol the trans community did not come to play with you heauxs. They’ve been everywhere as of late.. Let me just sit back

    1. Right. People keep underestimating how much the lgbt dollar invest towards stuff we use everyday. Alot of these conservatives have their own skeletons in the closet anyway so this may happen faster than we think.

  5. I did not expect this from Spelman. I already can imagine the parents who will be in an uproar over this. If they are considering to welcome transgender students, it probably will happen, but it will be a while before it is approved.

    Trust and believe, they will have someone on standby who will conduct the checks to be certain that no person with a penis is on campus.

    1. When people say money doesn’t change people views and I feel bad for the women that are being disrespected for the way womanhood is being given to anyone. -_-

  6. I’m assuming they’ll make sure the transgender person has went through the process of making some changes before they’re even considered.

    My issue is that they seem to have the best of both worlds right now. Is there a rule stopping transgender people from joining male only colleges?

    1. ^that is an interesting statement.
      will this only be for post op?
      good one dee…

      i’m sure they gonna put the heat under morehouse soon.

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