us vs the idiots

…buuuuuuuuuut on the flip side,
i’m glad i don’t fit it because it has worked in my favor.
see here is the thing.

While everyone is following The Idiots around,
I get to move like a fox in the shadows.

i watch the idiots fuckin’ up and learn from their mistakes.
i saw how they desperately want to get in the hen house.
they go through the front; i go through the back.
my advice to everyone who doesn’t fit…

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i don’t know who i am (did i ever?)

i don’t know who i am and that’s okay.
matta fact,
that’s great!
sp i’ve been reading a book every morning on the train called:

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” by Mark Manson

…and it has been helping me tremendously.
this morning’s chapter has sat with me all day.
my beliefs about myself and where i stand as a fox were challenged.
i came to the conclusion

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taylor swift has folks out here mad (again?)

so i watched “homecoming” from beyonce and thought it was epic.
like i fonted before,
i really liked how b used the “hbcu” theme with that set.
i like drums in general.

so taylor swift performed at the “billboard music awards” last night.
she performed her new song,
me!” with brandon urie of “panic! at the disco“,
and it had everyone in a tizzy
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Remember Me?

something interesting happened last night i wanted to share.
it goes against my negative thoughts at times.
it also shows how God works in mysterious ways.
so the pretty vixen and i decided to go see “it” like i said.
since the film festival was at the movie theater,
it would kill 2 birds with one stone.
when we were buying the tickets

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I Always Cum First.

the line at subways was od long.
this random older white vixen starts talkin to me.
i like talking to strangers.
you can learn a lot.
we started to chit chat about the weather and other things.
she says:

“you give off good vibes.
you have a good spirit.”

you should tell other people that.
the ones who hurt me.”

“they’ll learn soon.”

little did she know,
i was really feeling like my heart has been ripped out my chest.
it’s sad how i’m just aimlessly living life.
a life where:

i don’t realize my own strength and power
i’m lookin’ for someone to love me
i put others before me
i allowed and tolerated disrespect

i came to a decision today.
well i came to it two weeks ago,
but i shared it with a closer reader in emails.

this afternoon is when i really set it in stone
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Get That Shit Outta Me Please! (Backed Up Off It)

tumblr_muim2lwGV51rocvj9o1_1280as you know,
i love turning my crib into a spa.
since i can’t afford to go to a spa at the moment,
i always try to make my sanctuary my place of peace and pampering.
lately i have been feeling a little backed up.
i haven’t been as regular as i wanted to.
i decided that i was going to do a “colon detox” this weekend.
i wanted to treat myself inside and out.
foxes definitely need to make sure our tails stays fresh.

so it was a “me” situation this weekend.
no thoughts about work or a work wolf.
this entry is going to be tmi so you have been warned.
lets rewind back to a couple days ago…
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