Remember Me?

something interesting happened last night i wanted to share.
it goes against my negative thoughts at times.
it also shows how God works in mysterious ways.
so the pretty vixen and i decided to go see “it” like i said.
since the film festival was at the movie theater,
it would kill 2 birds with one stone.
when we were buying the tickets

everything was sold out expect these two seats in the back.
what we thought.
the movie was at 7:15pm and it was like 7:20pm.
when we got in there,
we went up to our seats.
these two teenagers were already in our seats.
they got up; we sat down.
halfway into the beginning of the movie,
this ticket agent comes up to us and asks for our tickets.


we were in the wrong seats.
where were our correct seats?
all the way in the front.
the screen was literally in front of us.
we would have to break our necks to look up.

i was so tite.
i wasn’t about to deal with that,
so we both took our asses to “guest services”.
the way they’re seating chart on the self service screen is set up,
the front seats are at the top.
we ended up getting tickets to the next showing.
that was at 10:15pm.
i was trying not to spazz.
we had damn near 2 1/2 hours to spare.
we went back up to the urban world film festival to mingle.
as i was standing there,
watching mack wilds get interviewed,
this older vixen walks up to me.

didn’t you use to work at ________?!”

i recognized her immediately.
she worked at my last job.
she wasn’t in my department,
but i saw her in passing.
she wondered what happened to me,
so i told her the story of my exit and how my old boss did me.

you were so professional when you were there.
i saw you standing here and i had to come over.
i figured it was you because you always have good style and swagg.”

i was so appreciative of that comment.
there i was,
looking at all these fine wolves in attendance,
and wishing someone would look in my direction.
i know.
i live in my head and my expectations are too high.
i knowwwwwww foxhole.
i know.
one thing i’ve learned about me is i’m unforgettable.
you never know who is really paying attention to you.

well she had a surprise of her own.
her cub was in one of the movies being showcased.
she gave us a special invite to see it.
she also introduced us to the director.
he said i look familiar to him.
so we ended up watching that and went to see “it” after.
“it” was pretty good tho.
i was tired af,
but it kept me awake.
didn’t think they would kill a cub in a movie.
you know how american media is.
it was more so psychologically scary with jokes in-between.
when the clown jumped out the projection screen tho…

i was so VEX when we were going down to guest services,
but the pretty vixen said:

“don’t sweat it.
everything happens for a reason.
we were supposed to not see the movie at that time.”

she was right.

lowkey: here are some bonus material…

i love that shirt that wolf had on.
the “21 savage” was bedazzled.
i loved that kicks.
they weren’t on the same wolves tho.
there are some fine wolves who go to the movies in times square.
check this wolf who walks by in the white:

he was one of many.

8 thoughts on “Remember Me?

  1. Ewwww u go to the times square theatre? Lol

    Try the Kips Bay movie theater AMC on 32 and 2nd. It’s a trip to get there from the 4 train, but its no riff raff over there and there’s a Blockheads over there for after movie drinks. Lol 😏

    1. ^i HATE that theater.
      the film festival was held there.
      i was just telling the pretty vixen that movie theater looks like the slums.
      no leather seating?
      amc needs to get like the rest.

      i hate times square in general.
      although it’s a thirst trap of fine 🐺 ,
      i hate everything else.
      i ONLY do kips bay and amc on 86th.
      i don’t even do hood ass magic johnson in harlem.

  2. Love this it’s another lesson of just letting God work things out. Again your light shines and people you don’t even know notice. I know it’s hard but we have to remember that we matter even in the times we don’t feel it.

    I do the same thing living in my head , couple that with my anxiety and it makes going to the shoe stores in the mall when I know there be fine wolves unbearable.

    P.S. That wolf’s walk 😏

  3. I don’t see for the dude in the white shirt. I was more distracted by his chicken legs (they weren’t that thin but very disproportionate with this upper body.)

    But I am so happy for your blessings you’ve been receiving. I can say I’m in a very negative state right now, but knowing you are able to live and have a great time within all of this gives me hope. I have learned so much to thank god for my good days.

    1. ^i learned you gotta try to let go all the negative energy.
      when you want something,
      you gotta ask for it and then let go out the outcome.
      it isn’t easy,
      but once you do,
      it will make things manifest easier.
      i learned a lot from studying up on the law of attraction.
      it has helped me get into a better frame of mind.

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