Donad Trump Got The Baller Wolves On Their Knees

so now the nfl wants to kneel in protest?

i guess that meas they’ll review colin kaepernick’s employment too?
i’ll be straight up with you foxhole…

I’ve banished Donald Trump

…and i’m wondering if you have too?
the great maya angelou said:


it might take us a minute,
but when we start living by that mantra,
it all makes perfect sense.
donald trump continuously shows his orange tail.
from his real life temper tantrums,
twitter rants,
toxic masculinity,
and all around disruptive behavior.
we should be use to shit like this now.
him tweeting about the nfl:

…is not a shock or surprise.
why are we always so shocked?
i’m starting to think these antics are to throw us off.
how is he not impeached yet?
while everyone is focused with his tirades,
there is something bigger happen behind the scenes.
either way,
i’m over him.
if we stopped reacting to his nonsense…

Would he go away?

…or will he realize that we don’t give a fuck anymore?
this jackal and his pack’s motive is to divide all of us.
it’s working.
if he was a random,
doing the same thing in our real lives,
he would have been cancelled a long time ago.
i guess that “president” title is hard to ignore.

lowkey: i love that king james tweeted this,
in defense of steph curry tho:

i got a little moist.

12 thoughts on “Donad Trump Got The Baller Wolves On Their Knees

  1. Hopefully Karma and Mother Nature will come to the rescue and send him on to KKK Glory, I am thinking his fat ass will fall over from a heart attack because I know his cholesterol is off the charts along with his blood pressure to be that fat at 70 years old. He is just a old hateful racist bigot who is trying to hold on the last symbols of White Supremacy so thankful most of these old racist are dying off. This Bitch is not fit to be a Dog Catcher much less the POTUS. “F” him and his racist ass followers. Keep taking the knee because until this flag can stand for us all it means nothing.

  2. People forgot what Kaepernick and a few others were kneeling for to begin with. It had nothing to do with Trump, it was about the unfair treatment of black people in society by law enforcement and other organizations. Do not allow Trump and his ignorant mindset distract you from the original point of the kneel.

      1. J….couldn’t agree more!! Crazy that it took a ranting nutjob to get everyone to “wake up” and now everyone is on the bandwagon…for now. I still don’t think a team will hire him though.

  3. And even worse of he is not re-elected the media will still drool over everything he will say We are stuck with him gut the duration of his life SMH

  4. I whole-heartedly believe that if the media and people were to ignore him and stop reacting to his foolishness, he would shut up and sit down somewhere. He does and says things to keep his name out there, so in his warped mind he can continue to believe that people like or love him, whichever fits the moment. Unfortunately for us, he is in the highest position in the land, so we have to suffer with this imbecile. I can only hope that he gets removed from office, but even then we have that wuss Mike Pence to look at in that position. We’re screwed either way.

      1. Exactly Jamari and Christian! I’ve said this before, there IS something going on deeper than what trump is doing. Me personally, I don’t give a flying Air Force One fuck about Trump. I didn’t vote for him, so therefore, I DON’T GIVE A FUCK! *in my Khia’s voice*

    1. I don’t think ignoring him will do the trick tbh. This man is the president, he is going to continue to make bad decisions that we will have to discuss and get after him about.

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