taylor swift has folks out here mad (again?)

so i watched “homecoming” from beyonce and thought it was epic.
like i fonted before,
i really liked how b used the “hbcu” theme with that set.
i like drums in general.

so taylor swift performed at the “billboard music awards” last night.
she performed her new song,
me!” with brandon urie of “panic! at the disco“,
and it had everyone in a tizzy

they claim she copied b’s theme with the drummers.
ididn’t get that from taylor’s performance.
i got “cutesy cute/rainbow sprinkles“.

b was gutter with her shit.
tay was definitely very “caucasian”.

Hasn’t Taylor done the whole “drum major” thing before?

if she did beat bite b,
i think there’s room for everyone to feel “inspired”.

lowkey: i wonder what this new era for her is gonna be like?
i was really into “red”,
and “reputation”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “taylor swift has folks out here mad (again?)”

  1. I refuse to listen to the song. A white girl singing a song called Me! in 2019 is so Sharpay in High School Musical. No thanks.

  2. I’m more interested in how awful and corny her actual song is. Taylor fell off so hard. Her last album underperforming must’ve really rattled her. Plus Kasey Musgraves chick has replaced her in country too.

    Her large fanbase will sustain her for now, but her best songs might be behind her.

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