too bad his status didn’t say, “i hate and kill homosexuals”

it’s tough to date in 2019.
you gotta risk getting ghosted or killed.
i’ve met a lot of vixens who had some luck meeting fine wolves,
but it’s always some issue within the gay forests.
so on an app called “tagged”,
a hyena used it as an opportunity to be absolutely evil.
this is what he did down in houston via “houston chronicle“…

A man who was robbed and then shot to death at a west Houston apartment complex was targeted under the ruse that he would hook up with his male attacker, authorities have alleged.

The suspect, Devonte Garrison, was pretending to be gay and, according to a police tipster, “hated homosexuals,” prosecutors said Monday night at a probable cause hearing. The tipster said Garrison met his would-be victim, Adrienne Ward, 30, on the mobile app Tagged and arranged to meet on April 19 for the sexual rendezvous, officials said.

The tipster, known to police as “Bunny,” also met Garrison — who went by the name Arzu — on the social media network where he boasted about details of the slaying known only to law enforcement, prosecutors said.

“He told her he planned to rob the victim of his money and property,” the prosecutor at the hearing said, citing the Harris County Sheriff’s Office investigation.

Garrison, 22, later told the woman he robbed Ward and then shot him.

he just looks like a demon.
i’m sure he used his “thug” look to lure his victim too.
a lot of these hyenas target gay males because they know:

a) desperate
b) lonely
c) horny

they have found out the weak spots within us.
they know we like sex,
will spend insane amounts of money to get it,
and live “instant gratitude” lives.
a big dick or a fat tail doesn’t make it all safe.
i like to screen a wolf before he gets to meet me.
i’m not starving for dick so i cancel with no hestitation.
i always think about my safety first.
your safety should always come first.
we don’t have the luxury of our own “the mountain” as of yet.

make sure you vet these pineapples before they come through.

lowkey: i always wonder if i font about victims who were foxholers.
that makes me sad at the thought.
i hope folks listen to me because i mean well for my supporters.

article: houston chronicle

8 thoughts on “too bad his status didn’t say, “i hate and kill homosexuals”

  1. Stories like this always break my heart as someone older, I have seen this far too many times in the Gay world, ironically I found out the victim was friends with a couple of my peeps in the Houston Texas area. No matter where you at in the U.S. The Black Gay world is very small, and you find out who knows who once you get on social media. I know dudes all over the U.S thanks to social media and I find out that we all connected some kind of way and know the same people. My heart breaks for his family and friends, he was so young and seemed to be a good guy with a lot going from him according to what some of his friends said. Most of us in this Black Gay life are just blessed and lucky that some of our hookups did not take a wrong turn with a psycho.

  2. I saw an interview with one of Adrienne’s friends a guy named Teddlie Phillips III a couple of days ago on the Fox 26 Isiah Carey show.He said Adrienne had just moved to Houston from Dallas after getting a promotion just 2 weeks before he was killed.He mentioned that Adrienne was born in a small town McGehee,Arkansas and I think that’s where he was buried because he mentioned that he spent time with his family after the funeral there

    I guess he was in a new city and decided to take a chance and meet somebody on Tagged, I have never heard of that app.His killer has been charged with capital murder so he could get the death penalty.

  3. This reminds me during my college days I tried an app and a dude wanted me to come over…I screen dudes. Dick doesn’t rule me I rule it, I rule mine so no other dick compares. Anyway, long story short, this alleged meeting turned into him asking for money & then me later finding out he had a homeboy over there who I didn’t know about. I cancelled everything & told him to f**k off.

    I don’t play with dudes. Dudes stay calling me uppity & while I may have my ways, most of them nigglets don’t want you, they only want to talk about how they had you. Fuk all that…Find one man who makes you laugh and you too enjoy each and are freaks (Just two, I don’t believe nine threesomes. No one is touching my man..period.)

    Hook-up life ain’t for me…First of all, I don’t fuk strangers. If I don’t know you, I dont wanna know your dick either.

    It never ceases to amaze me how the thots of this era turn every platform into “sex work” tho. Tagged, Kik, Twitter..etc.

    It’s only a matter of time before someone Livestream an event like this for kicks. With the narcissists & gym hoes running around today, you can’t trust no one. Everything that looks good with Instagram/Snapchat filters ain’t always good for ya.

    Honestly, though…you can be gay and still be a serial killer. He probably was a homo..He kills homosexuals..etc because he feels like he is killing a piece of him and that eats him alive. So to eliminate this pain and image of his homosexuality, he has to kill it, physically. He will keep killing as many as possible if you let him.

    Love/Hate come from the same parts of the brain…

    Gay men are lonely for the exact same reason they are on there in the first place. They are only interested in looks and a big dick or a phat ass. You can look like Jeepers Creepers, as long as your dick big, you hyper-masc and it look like you go to the gym…the gays will come 🏃…and if you a masc, light skinned fit Jeepers Creepers with a big dick, they will think you are the Messiah in the flesh.

  4. “make sure you vet these pineapples before they come through.”

    When someone is truly crazed/evil and wanting to inflict harm on another person, it won’t matter if you “host or travel” as the lingo goes… But for those who fall in the lower tiers of crazy who might be, say, stalkerish, I always learn toward me travelling out b/c at least they won’t know where you live, esp if u live on a street level/basement apt type situation. I also like the fact that if I’m not feelin’ u or the situation, I can easily bounce w/o havin u in my personal space and I have to either deny u at the door, or make some kinda excuse as to why u gots to get the F outta my residence… but again, none of this matters when you’re dealin w/ mofos like in this story… sad for the victim.

    1. ^i absolutely agree.
      if you are going to hook up,
      i suggest a hotel.
      they don’t see where you live and you are all on camera.

      1. #Facts

        It is safer with people around and mention that you prefer to meet at a hotel since it has camera, as a reminder to the person that you are meeting.

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