their sex games caused him to get into a shootout with the police

it’s so interesting to see where attentionistos went over the years.
some are still pushing on; others got themselves canceled.
i remember ^he use to be as big as a mountain.
back when tumblr was “the shit”,
he and his wife use to make porn videos together.
she went by “@crystinathebootyqueen“.
i remember in one video,
he was smashing her while pregnant.
here is an nsfw picture for review:

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was her ass real?
he must have been taking steroids.
it’s like he deflated.
he was involved in a bizarre shootout with the hunters back in february:

a foxholer sent me the reason for it today via “the daily mail“…

A Florida man charged with attempted murder after shooting at deputies on an Instagram livestream claims it was all part of a sex game between him and his wife. 

Laforest Gray, 23, has been behind bars since February after he allegedly opened fire at four deputies while filming himself for his Instagram fans. 

The officers had arrived at Gray’s Orlando apartment over reports that he was beating his wife. But now Gray claims it was all part of their ‘role-playing adventures’.

In the four-page letter to the judge of his case, Gray claims that ‘very fake and outrageous accusations’ have been made against him as he requests.  

‘The reason for this petition you are reading is in my hopes that you dismiss all charges said against me at once,’ he writes. 

In the handwritten letter, Gray claims that he and his wife Rachel have a low popular celebrity status and image’

Rachel and I have a social media presence where we often role play,’ he writes. ‘This type of role play even goes to the extent of Rachel using a stage name that I thought of which is “Crystina Rebecca Rossi.”‘ 

In our role play adventures we have purchased specific items, added other members, and have acted the part in our videos and online personalities.’ 

‘A lot of our role play adventures are for adult audiences because of the sexual nature we share.’ 

Gray reveals in the letter, which was obtained by WKMG, that some of his and Rachel’s ‘role play adventures’ can be found on PornHub. 

He also claims that he and Rachel are recognized and approached ‘almost everywhere we go’. 

People have gone so far as asking for autographs and pictures at places like malls, movie theaters, parks, restaurants, grocery stores, and many more places including the courthouse and our neighborhood,’ he continues. 

Gray has nearly 60 million followers between his two Instagram accounts, which feature some pictures of his wife. Rachel has more than 32,000 followers on her adult Twitter account. 

On the night of February 13, 2019, Gray claims he and Rachel were ‘role-playing in one of our many adventures’. 

‘Absolutely no crimes were committed and I certainly didn’t do anything to hurt Rachel nor did I take her against her will for any reason whatsoever,’ he adds. ‘Rachel is a princess in my world.’ 

Gray claims it was the four officers who attempted to murder him, claiming they assaulted him and Rachel. 

He also alleges that was tackled and ‘eaten alive’ by their dog.

how does that even explain a shoot out with law enforcement?
in that video,
he looked like the alleged aggressor.
he use to come off so quiet in his videos with her too.

i think we give too many folks the title of “celebrity” these days.
they think that means they can be out here doing “whatever“.
he had a full blown shootout on ig live.
back in the day,
being a celeb use to mean something.
take “cute pics” or upload sex tapes,
anyone can have their 15 minutes now.
the worst part is it shows how sociopathic or narcissistic they really are.

Who would have thought these two would be in a gun fight in 2019?

society needs to start vetting these “celebrities” better.

lowkey: he use to have a nice tail like his wife…

x see the tail here

i’m blown at how small he is now.

19 thoughts on “their sex games caused him to get into a shootout with the police

  1. I just saw the video and this lunatic has his wife standing between him and the police like a whole bitch.

    He’s obviously mentally ill, but he’s lucky the police were that patient with him.

    He’s definitely about to do some time though.

    He must mean 60K followers lol

  2. I knew they weren’t living in that house by any legal means.

    Ol girl looks like a worn out coke thot w/ bad implants and I bet she’s not even 25 yet.

    I highly doubt they were making very much money from those videos and him pimping her out and face being all over the internet smh.

    These dummies have the nerve to be reproducing and posting their kids on the same social media accounts they post sex videos.

  3. LaForest and his snow queen are no strangers to trouble in South Florida, his mug shotS are all over the internet…for years .unfortunately it was only a matter of time before Laforest graduated to more serious crimes.

      1. Oh, Jamari, u didn’t know? Laforest and the misses are some down in the gutter dirtbags

  4. His body was too much for me. IT just looked fake. He looks better “smaller”.

  5. That nigga has a body and a nice piece though. That ass….

  6. This fool is SOOOO fuckin lucky to still be alive! cause honestly I CANNOT understand, with that close range, how NOONE was hit by in any bullets?!?! He had an Angel on his shoulder cause that was truly insane!

  7. I remember those frauds, they scammed a whole bunch of folks on Tumblr pre-OnlyFans. People didn’t get the videos they paid them for. I never understood the fascination with them. They’re a basic, average IR couple. His penis was small af (pre-steroids) and she looked like a midget with science project boobs. I’ll never get people’s kinks. They were even on MTO once lmao.

  8. He has more followers than many famous people. If those many followers are not bought, we are going to have to call him a celebrity.

    1. There is NO WAY, NO WAY he has that many (natural) followers.

      In fact, the insta shown in the video only has 11K.

      Listen, I don’t think people realize how big a person has to be to have 60 million. We’re talking over $200k just to make a post. You’d be in the news for every little post.

      60, 000 sure as i feel it had to have been a misprint/ misspoke/ misquote. He also wouldn’t be at 60mil while his wife is at 34k.

      Also, idk if this is roid rage, but it suuuuuuuure is the trashiest thing i’ve seen all week.

    1. ^no one can create rumors anymore.
      we live in a world where the wildest and weirdest shit is literally uploaded to social media…

  9. I…

    I guess he tired of the way “they” treat us… Idk

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