don’t cut off your nose to spite your face

there is a saying that i love:

“Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face”

it means doing something destructive out of anger or jealousy,
but ending up hurting yourself in the process.
this is what’s happening at my ex-job now.
karma came quicker than i expected…

earlier in the day,
i got a text about how folks are really upset at my exit.
one exec who just got back from vacation:

“Jamari was so nice and did his job well.
I can’t believe they let him go the way they did…”

i mean,
i stayed in my “respectful of others” bag.
you tend to be more of an impact when you’re cool to be around.

I don’t think this person is gonna last…”

i was curious and had time.

– already gotten yelled at by one of the major execs
– fucked up some time sensitive work
– got smart with one of the veteran assistants
– already took off for the rest of the week and won’t be back until monday

so me taking off because i was sick,
with doctor’s notes,
was it really worth it?
asking two weeks ago,
if i could have monday off,
lead to this much folly?


the good news is since those two nitwits are missing their noses,
they’ll be able to smell their shit a lot clearer now.
nothing’s more humbling than getting a whiff of all the destruction.
it tends to be super ripe.
the air in the energy i give always smells fresher.

lowkey: every tongue that rises up against me shall fall.

2 thoughts on “don’t cut off your nose to spite your face

  1. It’s rare to see karma realize itself within an observable period of time. Typically, wrong doers get their karma unbeknownst to others. But when we do get to witness negative energy returning-to-sender, it’s a sight to behold. lol

    1. ^it happened so quick with these folks.
      they probably had a lot of karma coming from various angles with their disgusting behavior

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