bulletin board: new cashapp

morning foxhole!
so i was having issues with my past cashapp app,
i couldn’t access it and there was some drama on the back end.
i decided to make a whole new one today…

please update!
thank you to all who have been kind enough to send in blessings.
i really appreciate it!

Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “bulletin board: new cashapp”

  1. I’ve never used the cash app.

    – is it anonymous? Besides the username, can the recipient see my personal information including my gubment name when cash is sent?

    – is it free to use?

    – is it secure and safe?

    – does the recipient give me hugs and kisses once the cash is received? 🙂

        1. ^ya know,
          i was sitting here like:

          “i need to buy groceries and i can not afford it.
          rent is friday and i’m strapped at the moment”

          and then that blessing came through and i think my neighbors are wondering wtf is happening in my apartment lol

  2. I’ll send you money if you hunt down the person that Greenlit that Sonic the Hedgehog movie. The trailer kept me up last night. Sonic looks so creepy. Like eat your face (or other body part) while you sleep

  3. It’ll get better man!
    Random af: but you remember your old pic on your original Jamari Fox blog? Who was that? lol

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