keyshia cole is dropping something new in a few months

some folks are “forever young“.
they maybe older,
but they have a youthful spirit.
keyshia cole seems like that type.
she is 37 dating an alleged 23-year-old.
his name is nico khale.

he looks really fun sized….

he is an aspiring rapper and seems to be keeping her young.
keyshia had a big announcment on her ig…

even tiny showed support:

tiny can’t detach from her alleged baggage so…
if the roles were reveresed,

would folks have an issue?
older males knock up younger vixens in hollywood all the time.
keyshia has been through a lot in her young life.
she has been searching heavy for love.
if her young wolf is providing that,
while keeping her youthful

Are we one to judge?

my only thing is,
babies attach you to that shoul have been “fun only”.
some of these “21-24” males ae great to fuck,
or teach them how to fuck,
but that’s about it.
then again:

all males,
or every age,
develop slower.
immature has no age limit out here.

so with that being fonted:

congrats keyshia and niko!

lowkey: gabrielle union is 10 years older than dwyane wade,
yet she comes off more youthful than him.

10 thoughts on “keyshia cole is dropping something new in a few months

  1. The jokes clearly write themselves with this one, but hey this is Frankie Daughter so the DNA for Fuckery is always present. Either Jesus of Inyanla need to get on the mainline to work this disaster in the making out. Neffie come get your sister. This dude gives me he is one late phone bill away from starting and Onlyfans or Connect Pal account, I had to almost look twice to make sure this Pineapple was not one of the Global Brothers with Jaydee, Jaywhoo and Matt. He looks like he can fit right in. I am sure a Ratchet Album is on the way any day now. Let me get up and go check the clearance rack at Citi Trends to get this baby some outfits for baby shower.

  2. I thought it was new music. She needs to do better. If things don’t work out, will she take him to court for $40 in child support? if you’re going to secure the bag, at least get with someone who is wealthy enough to afford a new child, Get a ring before another mouth to feed.

    Still, I hope the baby is healthy and things go well for the both of them.

  3. Some women are just simple. What in the hell does a 37 year old mother of one have in common with a 23 year old man?

    Do you know how much changing that dude is going to do before he hits 30? Why would you get pregnant by him?

    She’s probably controlling him because she’s older, but that won’t always be the case.

    Then watch she’ll be bitter talking about men and being passive aggressive on social media smh

      1. He’s a starving rapper she met off the gram just like her ex-hubby was who was a starving NBA player. The first guy, her ex, was a controlling womanizer. I wish her the best tho.

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