it’s a boy or a girl! no, i mean he’s bisexual (jon jon)

i was trying to figure out why jon jon,
from we tv “hustle and soul“,
was trending on the foxhole last week.
i found out it was because of this:

jon jon revealed his bisexuality with his roommate,
*adds much needed dramatic sound effect here*
it’s ended up being a cliff hanger for this week’s episode.
a vix-bi was keeping me updated and this was the rest of it…

“the thsex must be thspectacular”
i’d watch. 

i love how calm this situation is tho.
times are definitely changing.
cola decided to confide in her friend about it:

which lead to jon jon confessing how broken down he is about it:

from the first entry i ever did about jon jon,
i could tell he was “something” in the life.
most straights are out here dressing like “liberace“,
but it was something in his aura that had my foxy senses a tingle.
i was gonna see if the foxhole came to the same conclusion as well.
either way,
it seems this is weighing hard on his spirit.
i highly doubt it’s only because he has to choose a boy or girl.
i hope he is able to find peace and strength soon.

lowkey: you can cum into my foxhole anytime jon jon.
we should font over dinner.

videos cc: omfgrealitytvbackup | we tv

Author: jamari fox

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21 thoughts on “it’s a boy or a girl! no, i mean he’s bisexual (jon jon)”

  1. So he’s bi and dating opposite sexes at the same time…he’s dealing with his own demons & toying around with his lovers feelings too..I cannot empathize with him.

  2. This my first time seeing him…had no prior knowledge of who this dude was before this post. But I will say, had I known of him, my spidey senses would have immediately went off, lol. His roommate seems more “straight” to me than him, lol. Either way, it sucks that a lot of us in the LGBTQ56XFM community have to go through that whole “my family is religious and they would judge me” phase before coming into our own and getting to the point in life to simply stop giving a fuck, and realize that life is short and we cant spend it pleasing others. Especially when the ones were trying so hard to please be so hell bent on tearing us down or changing us. They dont deserve our kindness and consideration IMO. I hope he comes to terms with who he is and lives in peace because we dont need another suicide out here over some nonsense and people not minding their business.

  3. Nobody wants to be number 2. Jon jon wants them both and they are forcing him to decide one or the other which he’s opposed to. If he chooses one, the other will be hurt and he won’t be happy and bound to be unfaithful at some point. It seems both Eric and Cola knew what they were getting into but believing they had that magic sex to make him choose one over the other. As it stands, he’s unhappy torn between the two. Eric nor Cola want to be in the shadows. Hopefully he figures it out but he may just leave them both as he’s hinted at and start fresh to have peace of mind. Jon jon is not alone bc there are many who decide on one or the other and end up tipping out continually to have a side piece period…the world of dl and bi at work. Eric and Cola want him but at what cost to jon jon. He’s definitely not ready to do what Eric is asking him to do with coming out totally. Hopefully he can figure it out without checking himself out.
    Definitely must see tv.

  4. Fawk that.. .that’s what other gays go through. I don’t train grown ass men on finding what they like and I sure as hell ain’t fixing to be caught between no female over one. I don’t deal with all that drama. That Hawaiian dude that liked me was a comfucon bisexual man. As soon as he started sending mixed signals.. I dropped him

      1. I mean I do understand that. I’m talking about wish washy men. Most DL dudes are bi-sexual & I’m talking about the creepers or the ones with a wedding ring on one hand and a dick in the other.

  5. Dude is gay…he just hasn’t come around to it yet. If he was bisexual he would be doing both of them at the same time…she would not have been in the dark. She needs to leave that alone and his “roomie” needs to back off and get a more well adjusted gay. If he really wants her or him he will come to them.

    1. A woman on Jon Jon’s page asked if his roommate Eric is bisexual Eric replied that he is bisexual.He has 2 kids.Back in 2017 he posted pics of his pregnant girlfriend.He has a son who looks about 2 years old.Eric is a Kappa, his IG is @tattednupe.So he probably has no issue with Jon being bisexual since he identifies as bisexual as well.

  6. He’s a ho, his sexuality isn’t the issue. These girls (and boys) thirsty and desperate af wanting a relationship from him and its sad. This is only a story because of his looks. These boys get a couple muscles, some gear, a couple tattoos, and think they’re a prize. He’s aggressively average in my neck of the woods. The only bi he is is buy-sexual. Unfortunately, I’ve watched that show and he talks like he’s carefully monitoring his voice to avoid sounding un-masculine. Must be exhausting.

  7. bahahaha!!! He is a fag from the ballroom circuit. The house of balenciaga. He was Jon Jon Balenciaga. There used to be nude pics of him circulating back in 2010-2011. He is VERY GAY. No question. This is hilarious. I had no idea he was on a show now. No one has mentioned his past in the ballroom world? I’m too lazy to google and don’t care.

      1. On January 10, 2015 you had a post on Jon Jon Lamar and somebody mentioned he was aka Jon Jon Balenciaga.Those two look nothing alike.

  8. I kinda figure something was off (other than his twisted mouth) with Jon Jon when he first popped up.

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