us vs the idiots

…buuuuuuuuuut on the flip side,
i’m glad i don’t fit it because it has worked in my favor.
see here is the thing.

While everyone is following The Idiots around,
I get to move like a fox in the shadows.

i watch the idiots fuckin’ up and learn from their mistakes.
i saw how they desperately want to get in the hen house.
they go through the front; i go through the back.
my advice to everyone who doesn’t fit…

You get to do whatever the FUCK you wanna do.

the idiots broadcast their crimes on social media.
they are cool one minute and fighting the next.
they have resorted in finding popularity by how naked they get.
they all think they are pretty and this is why they deserve a seat.
they depend on the likes and the applause.
they love being sloppy by talking and posting too much.
not us,
font i.
we have the luxury of being off.
we can do what we want,
go where we want,
and fuck who we want.

i mean…

I could be fucking a NFL Baller Wolf,
who plays for the Giants,
and is a running back who is running to climb my back.
I could be fucking Jeff Bezos and keeping at all the way low.
Our first date was a candle light dinner on the roof of Amazon HQ.
I could be fucking your man.
I’m the reason he is happier because I make him that way.
I love fuckin’ his brains out before I send back home.

that’s the beauty of being unaccepted and underestimated.
i have great friends and a wonderful community.
i’ve been friends and have supporters for over 10+ years.
they show me respect and allow me to just be.

I’m not friends with people because they have a cute IG and they are at every party.
I’m not fake because I’m looking for something from someone.

so yes,
it can hurt because you want to feel like you matter.
we want the forests to see the good or dope in us.
they aren’t because they are following the idiots.
you should allow them to.
when you are dating rich CEO whoever,
or you have worked hard to upgrade your life,
they will still be in purgatory doing the same shit.

So yes!!!
Cheer on The Idiots!!

…because WE are stealing the golden eggs from underneath their noses.

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