us vs the idiots

…buuuuuuuuuut on the flip side,
i’m glad i don’t fit it because it has worked in my favor.
see here is the thing.

While everyone is following The Idiots around,
I get to move like a fox in the shadows.

i watch the idiots fuckin’ up and learn from their mistakes.
i saw how they desperately want to get in the hen house.
they go through the front; i go through the back.
my advice to everyone who doesn’t fit…

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let’s take a moment to indulge in sheryl lee ralph’s emmy win speech

i just wanted to post sheryl lee ralph‘s speech from the emmys.
we need some inspiration

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You Won The Battle, but Your Forest Will Burn Soon Enough

i don’t think you should go.
i have a bad feeling about this.
i really think you should stay home tonight.”

we have all heard stories like this.
someone begs another not to do something,
they do it anyway,
and some shit happens.
either they end up dying tragically or regret not listening forever.
well that is similar to this whole “chrisette michele/trump” debacle.
i see a lot of “us” saying:

get that money!”

“if trump asked me to sing for that amount,
i’ll do it!”

there is a problem with those things.
it shows me that you’re morally bankrupt.
this is the reason why
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I Will Win (My Mind Already Said So)

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 12.18.50 PMi had to pass this on from necole bitchie.
i guess ive been doing “the secret/law of attraction” from the time i was young.
i always imagine,
no matter how dark it maybe,
that i was in a much better place.
i have envisioned myself living in beautiful homes,
racks on racks in my closets,
and my shoe game on 100.
i have a good career as a writer like a male carrie b.
being able to travel and give back to those who were good to me.
funny enough,
people always made fun of me because i had an active imagination.
i guess i was supposed to be thinking “downtrodden” with them?
nah homie.

Emmanuel Sanders Does Dallas

I am happy for him.
I knew my little Emmanuel would do big things.
I hope he wins the trophy… and then comes to celebrate with a Fox afterward.
Here’s hoping….

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Cheering and all that shit….
But uuuhhhhh……


Marques Colston.

I wish I was on the receiving end of who he is fucking this Super Bowl win.

Call me.