You Won The Battle, but Your Forest Will Burn Soon Enough

i don’t think you should go.
i have a bad feeling about this.
i really think you should stay home tonight.”

we have all heard stories like this.
someone begs another not to do something,
they do it anyway,
and some shit happens.
either they end up dying tragically or regret not listening forever.
well that is similar to this whole “chrisette michele/trump” debacle.
i see a lot of “us” saying:

get that money!”

“if trump asked me to sing for that amount,
i’ll do it!”

there is a problem with those things.
it shows me that you’re morally bankrupt.
this is the reason why

there is a saying i love:

“you won the battle,
but you lost the war”

that is a true statement.
sometimes we think in our rebellion we are winning,
but truthfully,
we won for a quick moment.
the long term effects will set us up to lose once the smoke clears.

chrisette michele is a r&b/soul singer.
she had a popular song a few years ago,
but now she is mainly known for being on a reality show.
she appeals to:

vixens who are in the 25-35 age group
the “happy to be nappy/soul sistren” vix-erens
tv one reality show watchers

that is her core fan base.
they watch the same programming chrisette would be invited to.
those fans are not trump supporters by any means.
they voted for obama,
support black love,
and demand respect amongst vixens.
everything trump is pretty much not about.

chrisette saw this as an opportunity to “build a bridge” (battle),
but in reality,
she doesn’t have career strength to do that.
her ig followers don’t reflect her chart numbers.
the snow animals don’t know her at all.
at the inauguration ball,
she didn’t even sing all that long to be remembered or have a lasting effect.
she didn’t sit with trump and talk to him live.
it was a forgettable performance.
when she went up there,
it meantshe agreed with everything her fan base doesn’t.

so she got a nice hefty check.
now that it’s over,
her fan base is now looking at her like a sell out.
no one will possibly book her for anything “black” related.
her old industry connects won’t want anything to do with her,
but her new connects might have use for her in private settings.
she will be on a timer until they find someone else who can entertain.
she went against her own for dollars,
but the price she has to pay seemed to be a lot higher (war).

in most cases,
all it takes is the use of your common sense.
we get excited and do things that go against who we are.
it’s one thing to take a risk,
but it’s another to risk it all when told not to.
especially risking it all for hyenas and jackals who don’t like your sex or skin color.
i don’t know if someone advised her to do this,
but i have a feeling they won’t be around her too long either.
once you feel the effects of what a banishment can do,
it really can bring the worst out of you.
no matter how much money you get/have.
learn to listen to others and decipher who has your back.
also learn what a battle win and a war win look like.
 the war win might usually take longer,
but your blessings will be bigger and it won’t risk your reputation.

this applies to all areas in your life.
from adversity to decision making:



lowkey: all her celeb “friends” telling her to do it are all d list and irrelevant.
would beyonce or rihanna have done it?

9 thoughts on “You Won The Battle, but Your Forest Will Burn Soon Enough

  1. It just didn’t make sense even from a business standpoint.

    She could’ve performed at the African American Museum like Solange or went to the women’s march today.

    Blacks are the only ones that do this unfortunately. They’ll sell out for money or status or get money and be under the illusion they’re somehow now seen as equal to a white rich man.

    America has never worked that way. You think those Republicans think of Floyd Mayweather as their equal? No matter how rich he is he’s just some illiterate black guy that entertains them in a ring.

    I’m petty and I hope Trump gives his supporters exactly what they deserve. Maybe then they’ll see that the rich, WHITE, 1% are the real problem in this country.

    1. ^”I’m petty and I hope Trump gives his supporters exactly what they deserve. Maybe then they’ll see that the rich, WHITE, 1% are the real problem in this country.”

      nothing better when that happens!
      i’m petty too because i’m waiting for the tears from the poor rednecks.

      1. the fact is even uneducated red necks have privilege.

        Most of us without an education are most likely on a one way trip through the criminal justice system.

        So excuse me if I have no sympathy because they don’t want to capitalize on their privilege at birth and decide to be nothing in the backwoods.

  2. POWERFUL Jamari! Couldn’t have articulated it better myself. Well done sir! Well done! Making that connection to the core values of her core fan base…#genius 👏👏💫👌😊👍💫👏👏

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