250k Is The Price of a Soul Nowadays

chrisette michele is the soul we are talking about today.
the trump forests allegedly paid her 250k to perform this mess


i’m embarrassed for them all.
you can barely even hear her.

what a disaster.
i was expecting a solo “beyonce-esque” performance tbh.
at least if you gonna get dragged to “black”-balled hell,
do it with a wind machine and some circus type stunts.

questlove told her not to do it.
spike lee advised against and took her song off his show.
her own supporters begged her to cancel.
even those who never heard of her.
chrisette still went ahead and did it for 250k.
now is that a full 250 before or after taxes?

if the foxhole collectively told me not to take a certain gig,
i wouldn’t do it regardless of money.
even if i explained why and it sounded good in my head.
my pride,
and those who love and support me mean more than that.
i also feel the foxhole has my back and wouldn’t steer me towards doom.
chrisette had that and chose to do different.
i hope she can make that alleged money last a few years.
  i suspect she is done.
maybe i’m being too hard on her?
she could be in a real financial debt.
i had to wonder about doing certain things for money.
some folks are out here living well because of selling their souls.
is it really worth it in the end tho?
for someone like chrisette michele,
who is a not really known,
is it wise to take things that will get you to be a household name?

so i had to ask the foxhole,
if you were a singer with a “eh” career like chrisette michele,
and got the opportunity to perform for trump…

Would you have taken the gig?

lowkey: maybe she is tired of the industry and this is her way of getting out?
nothing better than strapping bombs to your chest in a beautiful gown.
i will say that this is a huge life lesson for everyone tho.
it gave me an “a-ha” moment.

24 thoughts on “250k Is The Price of a Soul Nowadays

  1. So I guess She will try to play victim, but we are not buying it well at least not those of us that are wise won’t buy it. She did this to herself, she wants to kiss Edomite butts then accept the punishment that comes with it. I don’t trust no pale face devil.

  2. I was hearbroken by this news. I have since deleted all her music from all devices and I will not be supporting anything she does. Ever.

    1. Really, if you already paid for it that’s dumb. Especially if any of R. Kelly’s music is still there!

  3. I agree with most people that she shouldn’t have performed — if you can call it performing. However, I hope that she got the money up front because Trump is famous for stiffing people of what they were owed. IJS

  4. The irony of performing gospel for a crowd who is for every ism and phobia that exist. The only God they serve is money. Donald Trump is TRASH no matter how you try to dress him up, his policies are for the one percent only, and for this dumb ass to think she is building a bridge, sorry boo, Trump is going to cut the funding for that bridge. His people probably told him that you were Beyonce and he didnt know the difference, it is no way in hell he has even heard of your ass before, and no way Whitey is paying your ass any wear near 250K to sing. You are just doing this for publicity and to get some press, believing that there is no such thing as bad press when it comes to those in entertainment. Lets see if Becky and Bob buy your music after this. This whole thing turns my stomach, seeing these good Lil Negroes swaying from side to side for their white audience gives me a feel of an old time minstrel show. They probably bought her a plane ticket and gave her a small appearance fee and maybe a promise of being on Celebrity Appearance.

  5. I don’t believe she was paid $250K particularly since I watched an interview with Travis Green on TMZ Live where he said he wasn’t paid.( Unless he was offered money and turned it down).
    Also I have read about a dozen articles including in Forbes,Time,Billboard Magazine and they all say performers aren’t paid to perform at events like this.They do it either because they support the person or for the national or international exposure.Then again this is Trump so I guess he would do things differently.

    Someone on a blog said if she was paid $250K, she better buy some crack cocaine and flip that money several times.Because that’s going to be her main source of income.😂Lol

    BTW did you see the white kid group singing Jackson 5 song at one of the Inaguration events? They looked more suitable for a middle school talent show.

  6. First off, us regular people cannot scoff at $250k, BUT I feel like she thought this would be the biggest gig of her career and that’s why she couldn’t pass it up.

    The problem is this type of performance isn’t going to build her fan base to the point she can risk losing her core fans. She didn’t even do her own song and I highly doubt anyone in that audience knew her or her music.

    I don’t want to hear her whining later when she intentionally took the gig a while ago and kept it under wraps.

    She can forget even getting a soul train or NAACP award ever again and that is a sad existence lol

    1. ^right!

      all this time i thought she had her own set.
      i wouldn’t be surprised if her new hubby told her to do it.
      this was clearly not thought through.

      watch her push some victim act why she took it when she has no more connects.

      1. She’ll be on Unsung talking about how Black people turned on her when she was trying to help.

        Her, Jennifer Holliday, Floyd Mayweather, and Steve Harvey can go twirl and dip off a high cliff.

        You see Steve said he said he talked to Ben Carson and Trump and what was the FIRST thing they did when he got sworn in? Smh

      2. ^i didn’t see the part when he was sworn in.
        i was only checking of obama and michelle.
        so i saw the whole walking in and the helicopter lol
        i have to watch the speech and i’m already feeling nauseous.

        what did they do when he was sworn in?

      3. I didn’t watch it, what happened with Floyd Mayweather? At least Jennifer Holliday backed out though…right? (I’m just grasping here) lol. I thought Chrisette was better than that :/ Oh well. This is not the platform nor the president for her to “Be the bridge” or whatever…*sigh*

  7. She wasn’t even worth 250k, my neighbors’ howling dog in the morning sings better. Girl bye, we is done with you and she betta in invest wisely with that money, gurl could careless about her. She has no range, no talent, have several seats pls.

  8. She is part of the black community and a part of the female community, both which have been historically mistreated for centuries, yet, she decided to support a man known for attacking both.

    She decided to support a sexist, racist and dangerous movement by “shucking and jiving” for some money. There’s always one. The respect, admiration and love for her has drastically changed. Maybe she will find all that in her new paycheck.

    1. You know people always want to talk about somebody “Shuck N Jiving” but the do not know the long history associated with this statement. In my honest view this is just one of those things that should never have happened, but it did and I think black folks need to get over it. It ain’t that deep and considering that there are black entertainers who have said and done far worse (I.E R. Kelly) and people make jokes about the situations but still support these same damn people. If I was her I would not have participated because it seems like they were just throwing out feelers to see what celebrity would show up. They were basically looking for somebody with a name to “Back Their Bullshit”. Maybe she really should have thought about this more in depth before she made her decision or maybe she did and this is the end result. As for people especially black people being offended, she is a bottom the barrel R&B/Jazz singer. who is rarely acknowledge or supported on the level that her talent calls for so it is highly possible for that she said I will never ever get this moment again and decided to take it. I can understand that thought process don’t agree with it but do understand it. So in closing if you are a fan and SUPPORTER and are offended then don’t want support her anymore (I was done after that last album of mess she put out. Trying to do Trap & B. Please) and that is your right and you should do what you feel. If you never SUPPORTED her, never CHECKED for her, never gave a DAMN ABOUT A CHRISETTE MICHELE then kick rocks! Your opinion was never in the equation before this, and in reality this situation should mean nothing to you now, considering you did not care to support, know or listen to Chrisette Michelle. We need concerned with what is gonna happen after the party anyway. Be Blessed Ya’ll!

  9. I agree she is done in the industry. If it was me of course I would NOT perform for Trump. 250k sounds like a lot but it’s really not especially for the blackballing she is about to go through. If Chrisette is going through financial issues, I’m sure she could of done some club appearances, little venue concerts, opening for other artists on tour etc. You might be right Jamari, maybe she wants to kill her career to get out of the industry.

    1. ^in her statement,
      she was doing it as a bridge to connect us with the trumps.
      there no mention of “money issues” in her ig statement.
      if that was so,
      she would have taken the money from questlove who offered.

  10. Let me start off by saying that I absolutely LOVE Chirisette, but this wasn’t even her song! 😂😂 She was a feature on a lesser known gospel artist’s song. LMAO! They didn’t even let her do her own set for a quarter mil? Dayum! Now, it was reported that Travis, the artist she was up there with, did NOT get paid for the gig. #SHADEMUCH? I’m just confused about the whole thing. But anyway, I feel like Chrisette has her own record label, so any money that she gets for a gig I’m sure would go towards helping to continue to build her record label. At this point, she’s going to need every bit of money for that label to survive. Also, what Chrisette is not realizing is that most of her money comes from live shows, live gigs, stage plays and so on, so if she truly has ruffled feathers in the industry and rubbed her fanbase the wrong way, then she won’t be getting booked for too much more going forward. So sad

    1. ^this is even worse to read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      how you not gonna sing your own shit to promote YOURSELF?!
      and then for free???????

      give each an L.

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