Victor Cruz Has More Pipe Leakage On The Way?

i love baller wolf for the ny giants,
victor cruz,
and his latino bawdy.
he is not too muscular or thick.
his bawdy looks good in clothes and he fills out in the right places.
well slapmyfatty is at it again.
it seems he has a “victor cruz part 2” file.
( x remember the first )
this is the teaser shot that slapmyfatty released…

i know these have to be recent.
that is an iphone 7+.
victor seems like an easy wolf to lure.
what is his bait of choice?
fat tail?
big tits?
pretty face?
m or f?…

who knows!
all i know is i’m interested.
i’d like more please and preferably in my belly.

lowkey: i would ride his fuckin brains out.
he turns me on so heavy.

11 thoughts on “Victor Cruz Has More Pipe Leakage On The Way?

  1. Vic as always been attractive. Since back in the day. I been wanting to tap that since he went to Paterson catholic.

  2. Victor is handsome, but I could take it or leave it lol. I’m still trying to figure out how Slapmyfatty is getting these nudes. It must be a gang of pretty vixens pulling these stunts. By the way can you get sued on tumblr for posting these men?

    1. I imagine, Fatty probably has lady friends and helps them phone text luring these unsuspecting men. Trust me, I done it before with a girlfriend of mine and she asked me to text her date and Yes, I ask for pics. I know Im guilty! Now I’m waiting for that part Victor, that body and dick must be everything Papi.

      1. ^Myolox, I was thinking the same. He looks good at his size right now, but if he had just a little more mass on him…that would take it over the top. Damn, I’m gettin’ a woody just thinking about it! LOL

      2. Slapmyfatty has released Victor’s nudes before. But his tumblr accounts keep getting reported by hating ass bitchasses.

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