you got eve or trina tonight on #verzuz ?

i won’t lie to you but i always a big fan of eve.
i had all her albums and loved all the remixes she was featured on.


my favorite will always be her sophomore,
i saw her in public one time on random and was so nervous to approach.

i liked trina,
but her albums were usually a big hit or miss for me.
i could only get into her first album,
da baddest bitch“,
and “still the baddest“,
which was also star fox’s favorite.

lowkey: star fox LOVED ( x this mixtape ) trina was on.
he would play this shit out.
i love “i’m da shit freestyle” on that mixtape.

she was ratchet before it went mainstream with the likes of megan the stallion and city girls.

tonight i’m fuckin’ excited cause they about to do battle in #verzuz

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i’ve been giving bad head

so i’m a cancer sun,
my moon sign is in virgo,
and i’m an aquarius rising.
that leads for some fun stuff up inside me:

cancer moon – emotional
virgo sun – critical of self
aquarius rising – detached; i come off chill and together

with all of that definitely comes with struggle.
i don’t know if anyone has been feeling this way but…

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You Won The Battle, but Your Forest Will Burn Soon Enough

i don’t think you should go.
i have a bad feeling about this.
i really think you should stay home tonight.”

we have all heard stories like this.
someone begs another not to do something,
they do it anyway,
and some shit happens.
either they end up dying tragically or regret not listening forever.
well that is similar to this whole “chrisette michele/trump” debacle.
i see a lot of “us” saying:

get that money!”

“if trump asked me to sing for that amount,
i’ll do it!”

there is a problem with those things.
it shows me that you’re morally bankrupt.
this is the reason why
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The Battle Uphill is Rough on My Paws

sky_and_mountain_background_by_nikiv_stocktoday was a rough day.
i almost found myself just giving up.
i am extremely tired.tired of everything.
i just got in from another long ass day.
i have no voice or thoughts.
i can say i am absolutely depressed.
i want to try this alone thing tonight.
lana del rey.
a few tears.
lets talk tomorrow?

The Battle Between Good and Evil

the outcome of when two parties can’t agree and come to battle.
it usually entails massive violence,
disruption between citizens,
and ultimate destruction.
well what happens when the war is inside… you?…

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