Beyonce VS Rihanna

beyonce_ririwhere did this whole beyonce vs rihanna beef stem from?
oh, ya know what?
i know…
so beyonce dropped her album yesterday.
quite as kept,
i was getting bored with beyonce.
nothing she was releasing was getting in my spirit.
same ol; same ol.
didn’t make me any less of a fan,
but she was kinda… just there.
rihanna comes and starts swinging early,
making me a fan of her bold and #nofucks attitude.
beyonce releases her secret album last night and i fuckin’ love it.
it made me see why i fell in love with her power in the beginning.
 two different vixens with two different styles.
one being america’s black sweetheart.
another the low key underdog.
suddenly everyone is saying how rihanna is this and that.

“this is how you’re supposed to do it!”
“you don’t have to be naked to sell records!”
“get back in your place rihanna!
the queen is here”

making gifs and comparing beyonce’s accomplishments to rihanna.
like wtf???

154403_600now i’ve NEVER heard beyonce speak negatively about rihanna.
rihanna has always said she admired beyonce.
did i miss the beef between these two?
or was this something set up by both stan bases?
maybe one because the beyonce stans can be vicious.
lets not forget that at the pop music table,
these two BLACK women are the only ones there.
who are the black males in pop?
chris brown is currently on time out for being a dumb ass.
anyone else?
well as you know the king,
who ruled supreme over them all,
left his throne unexpectedly.
all the whites are scurrying,
trying to make the next “so and so” his heir.
justin timberlake.
justin bieber.
none of which fit the bill.
so right now,
beyonce and rihanna are representing us.
two black women that white people try desperately to re-create and re-package.
they ain’t talking about copying no taylor swift,
no katy perry,
or no lady gaga.
miley cyrus being the biggest offender of them all.

tumblr_lt2w0xe2mH1qewmu6o1_500_largethey trying to be like us.
ain’t that a good feeling?
black folks
act like there can only be ONE black person in entertainment.
we will throw “us” under the bus real quick.
doesn’t it remind you of this:

“you are never going to be good as your brother/sister/cousin.
they going off to college and what are you doing?
you ain’t never gonna be as good as them.”

ya mama or daddy saying that,
throwing you under the bus,
while wishing some other child they think is better was their own.
got you competing against a potential crackhead in the near future.
back in the day there was room for damn near everyone in r&b.
remember when it was brandy,
aaliyah (rip),
and mya?
all with different styles and moods.
the whites didn’t catch on since r&b was a black dominated arena,
but now that r&b is dead,
we are killing it on the main battle field.
sadly “we” always dragging our own kind down.
its never:

“fuck taylor swift!”
“snatch katy perry’s wig!”
“bow down miley cyrus!”
“who is britney spears?”

tumblr_inline_ms2vsnlkpF1qz4rgpall i can say is don’t even bring that bullshit around me.
both of these chicks deserve to shine with all their accolades.
they have broken barriers,
that if this was still a couple generations ago,
yo ass would be in the fields singing negro spirituals while getting that cotton in order.
so what i’m trying to say is this morning is:

shut the fuck up and be grateful WE made it this far.

justinTwerkdidn’t our own fight and get killed for this?
then act like it.

14 thoughts on “Beyonce VS Rihanna

  1. Blacks aren’t the only ones who do this.

    Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera

    Christina Aguilera vs. Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga vs. Madonna

    Madonna vs. Everyone

    The entertainment business has always had this competitive “Show Girls” mentality.

  2. Wow this post was so on time, and I like this fire Im seeing in you J for 2014, I see you paid that troll lint and dust who wants us all to know that nobody reads your blog in the industry but he is here everyday waiting for you to write something so sad how many people love to be negative. Well I dont expect no less from my people as we have turned into these creatures who live for the superficial trappings of money, fame etc. The fans of these two ladies as well as a few other industry vixen have all these crazy battles on who has the most album sales, most money, most mink coats, most cars, fans and the list goes on and on. Meanwhile none of these people are paying them any attention to my knowledge. As I have said many times, with social media everyone wants to be somebody and you can stunt and front like you have it going on and put others down and it has gravitated toward musical artist, everyone can tell you how they feel and become a instant journalist on the spot. The MTV lifestyle of the 90’s when you had to show everyone your designer home, car, clothes etc has just spilled out now via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The message is you aint shit and Im better than you because I fly to Dubai, and party with celebs, and I wear Gucci this and Gucci that. Many of these fans live their life through these female singers and are ready to do serious harm if you dont support their view of their favorite artist, and sadly its Gay dudes who do the most and keep the pot stirred. You should see the BGC forums its beyond pathetic how these grown ass dudes pander to female celebs and put each other down through their favorites. I personally could go on living if I never heard either Beyonce or Rihanna, but I am glad that they are getting their shine on in this white male dominated industry and hopefully these two will knock down some doors and start their own labels and get a even bigger piece of the pie like Madonna. To my fellow gay brothers, love and support all the women and men in R&B because if you dont you will wake up one day and find that it will be gone the way of our other art forms like Jazz and Blues where you have more White support than Black.

  3. Wow I never realize how white isolated I been because I never notice this before and it does make a lot of sense.But I never listen to Miley, Taylor or Katy music. But do black people get lift each other and inspire to do better?

    1. ^there is a lot of tearing down amongst blacks in everything.
      work especially.
      ive seen this happen.
      someone black will stab another in the back and get them in trouble/fired,
      but will praise the white person who gets promoted.
      that same white person will then change and fire the knife holder.

      1. Wow for real? Damn I feel so left out and naive about this.
        Mmm now I get it. Some blk men would tell me they are attracted to me because I am nice and happy. Hmmm kind of make sense now.

  4. I feel like the media manufactures a lot of this beef, but then the artists sometimes perpetuate it too. I bet Marvin Gaye and Teddy Pendergrass never compared album sales or how many vixens show up at their concerts throwing panties on the stage. It was all about mutual respect and making great music. Now it seem like a lot of the r&b singers turn their nose up at each other. I guess because r&b is a struggling genre right now everyone feels like they must be in competition. I say leave all that beef to the rappers.

  5. Rihanna doesn’t have Beyoncé’s vocal firepower, but she has sexuality and she has that I don’t give a fuck attitude. Her music fits her and she takes risks.
    Beyoncé has the vocal skills, yet she likes to jack other peoples styles and visuals. She is one hell of a performer/entertainer. She has her niche as well.
    They are both talented black women, working in a field of artists who don’t have half of their talent. So the media will continue to pit them against one another, in order to build up the next big artist.
    While their music is hit and miss with me, I will continue to support them both because they are literally the minorities in the industry. How many top selling black artists are out there right now?!

    1. ^i think only those two christian.
      black singing males who crossed over…
      are trey songz and chris brown selling?
      chris album woes are because of his attitude.
      he definitely needs a seat.
      trey does really good when he tours and he has something that draws you to him.
      i love ne-yo and would love to see more of him as we’ll.
      he needs to cut that techno out tho.

  6. I agree too.I hate that every Black female singer is compared to Beyonce like she has to live up to B’s success.They act as if there can only be one supreme Black female when they can all share the top spots.

    1. ^when someone comes out,
      that girl is automatically picked apart.
      it’s ridiculous.
      then we complain r&b is dead and there are not any black artists.

  7. they both got the game on loc and i like them both because they’re different like night and day…i want them to do a song and video together i think then the stans on both sides will be silenced…i know some of the other artists who were planning on dropping albums were like “damn bey is back out i guess we need to shelve our album” rihanna is somewhere smiling you can tell she loves jay-z and beyonce like family even when blue was born she said she was now a auntie…either way people need to let them live

  8. I agree with u 100 percent!!!! I love them both and will support both of them with their entertainment careers!! I can’t wait to purchase Beyoncé’s new cd and waiting for Rihanna in 2014!!

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