Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 1.11.10 AMjamari fox usually knows everything entertainment.
even people that know me ask me wtf is happening in entertainment.
i get all the entertainment news happening sent to my phone.
that’s my career so i should.
i can honestly say i did NOT know this was happening.
beyonce dropped her self titled album for itunes and even the beyhive is losing their shit.
sorry android users.
next week for ya?


x apple folks go here

lowkey: 15 dollars tho?

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9 thoughts on “UM BEYONCE???? WHAT IS THIS????”

  1. Not really a big fan of hers, but I got to give her, her damn props, this was brilliant marketing. Twitter is having a epic meltdown, Facebook is going crazy, she is the biggest star in the world for real, cant take that away. Im letting everybody make it in 2014 do your damn thing. Call the Usher Board and 911 cause the Queens are falling out fainting, speaking in tongues, having convulsions, panic attacks, heart attacks, strokes and the list goes on, they are overjoyed, I guess XMAS came early. Behold the Queen of Queens. Sorry all other R&B chicks can hang it up for 2014, you are just going to get lost in the Beyonce Shuffle.

    1. ^i like the dark vibe she went with it.
      i like what im hearing so far.
      of course the queens are getting their high heels.
      im only here for the music and she did good with what she delivered.

      1. Your job all entertainment info, I’ve NEVER heard anyone mention this site at an event, but I have started alerting “Real Industry People” to the stunts you put on here especially those whom I know personally having worked with them. We are all watching you now!!!!

  2. Was floored. I like the album as a whole. It really is a body of work. By far her most adult, liberated, darkest album to datel everything 4 claimed to be this is. Bday is still my fav album/era, but this was genius. Nothing else to say

  3. i literally screamed when i heard she had a new album out especially right at midnight i was ont witter and just seen a screenshot and i was like wow…i only heard snippets because you know the way my checkings and savings is set up (in my Kevin Hart voice) lol but i’ll probably cop it this weekend i’ve been busy preparing for graduation on the 21st and moving back home to Philly…wow this holiday season is really exciting…I’m excited for Bey so glad artists are making albums again not just singles….SN: this woman is really an ICON take note Rihanna….

    1. ^personally two african american women are DOMINATING the whites.
      why put them against each other?
      why not against a taylor swift or a katy perry?
      there is enough room for the BLACKS to shine m.

  4. Glad she is back. I knew she was going to release something soon.

    She shot hella videos. I have already seen like 10. DAMN!

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