Ramses Principe Works That Tail Out! (Again)

he just does it for me.
i like looking at foxhole fav,
ramses principe.
i don’t care.
i think he is so hot.
well he has started incorporating more videos with his best asset.

that tail of his

his ig has started showing how he achieves such an ample tail

if he was one of “us” in the foxhole,
i would let him double tap me all night long.
what i like about ramses is he knows branding.
his good looks sells.
his bawdy sells.
his tail sells.
i’m sure he knows males are one of his biggest supporters.
instead of getting insulted over those highlighting his ass (battle),
and lashing out at males in comments,
he chooses to show videos of how to achieve it (war).
he doesn’t alienate his supporters,
shows pics of his vixen to let everyone know he is straight,
and sells his product to the world.
he should teach the black work out attentionistos how to brand.
they may make it just as far.

lowkey: if he has lashed out at “us” for comments,
please advise.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Ramses Principe Works That Tail Out! (Again)”

  1. I can tell he likely ran track in college or high school.

    His lower body overall is very developed like Tyson Gay.

    I’m gonna do a few sessions with a coach that specializes in sprinting just to get some cardio in.

      1. ^I don’t think he was a track member. Football, maybe.
        Remember, he was an overweight guy some years back. He posts before and after pics on his IG.

  2. I don’t understand The point of Hear videos. They would be the first ones upset by being called gay but you’re literally showing the world your ass.

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