Are You Sorry Yet? (I Could Not Stop Laughing)

a f-bi sent me the following and…
ya know what i love the most?
love more than cooked food,
nice fur and accesories,
and rubbing on a sexy wolf’s chest?

when someone does dumb shit and regret sets in.
i also love when they brag and then life comes at them fast.
that always amuses me.
so a tweeter named @freeyomindkid has a mission.
he will tweet all of the trump supporters who are getting their:


here are a few of his findings

i thought it would take 6 months into a year.

as much as it makes me laugh to the high heavens,
it’s almost very insulting to read these tweets.
i’m sure these hyenas would be killed in a horror movie first.
i’ll allow the slander tho.
keep it up @freeyomindkid!

lowkey: i want more!

 go look at the mess: twitter | tumblr

6 thoughts on “Are You Sorry Yet? (I Could Not Stop Laughing)

  1. I just heard about Trump’s spokesman claiming his Inaguration had the largest audience EVER.Apparently the idiot is including the people who watched on phones,computers,other countries,etc.He also left the press room and didn’t answer any questions.
    They decided their first WH press conference would be about how many people watched the damn Inaguration rather than discussing important issues.SMH

  2. *GASP* SHOCKER!!!

    I do love that this guy has all that evidence, very convenient next time i hear someone say “Trump is sent by God (lmfao)”.

    I’m going to watch and laugh at the fools who fell for it for the next four years while he destroys your country and spreads his crap over here. How are people so gullible? He didn’t even TRY to be convincing and nearly half the country fell for it. Are people really smart enough to pick their presidents? I honestly don’t know anymore…

  3. I am see the same thing that happened to Obama, happen to Trump. Also, can we get a break from Trump for a minute, it is beginning to get played out. Btw… I still support you and you did a great job on that previous post.

    1. ^dee jay,

      thanks for the support!
      if you see a post with trump on it,
      you are welcomed to skip!
      hope you are having a great day and thanks for the comment!

  4. I just started following him on Wednesday and I am loving it. This is so sweet, bring you a big glass because White Tears are going to quench your thirst these next four years.

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