ramses principe and his tail brings about a crowd

so all of my foxhole favs have been feelin’ cheeky lately.
first it was mychal,
then an alleged ray,
and now ramses principe of “mia fitness” wants his time.
am i mad?
are you?
a foxholer sent me something from his ig story yesterday…

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Ramses Principe “Issa Snack” Down In Cuba

so ramses principe is still doing the modelling thing heavy.
this time,
he went to cuba to do some exotic looks.
they were shot by his photographer,
zavier deangelo
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Ramses Principe x “In Those Jeans”

i’m really into ramses principe.
the other way around.
he has a really nice facial.
his bawdy tho >>>
he is really taking great shots with his recent modeling stint
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Ramses Principe Shoots Well

ramses principe is kiling this shoot he had.
every shot he releases,
i’m always in awe.
the water on his face in the one above>>>>
i love pictures like this.
from the hd quality of the pictures and of course…
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Ramses Principe Works That Tail Out! (Again)

he just does it for me.
i like looking at foxhole fav,
ramses principe.
i don’t care.
i think he is so hot.
well he has started incorporating more videos with his best asset.

that tail of his

his ig has started showing how he achieves such an ample tail
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Nothing Gets You Outta Bed Like Ramses Principe

screen-shot-2016-12-03-at-7-29-19-am…or in bed?
nothing says “good morning” like a cup of ramses principe.

this venezuelan personal trainer wolf has been talked about before.
well he just keeps getting better and better
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