ramses principe and his tail brings about a crowd

so all of my foxhole favs have been feelin’ cheeky lately.
first it was mychal,
then an alleged ray,
and now ramses principe of “mia fitness” wants his time.
am i mad?
are you?
a foxholer sent me something from his ig story yesterday…

I wonder…

If all the vixens he dates always want to grab his tail?

i mean,
it would be hard not to.
i’d be rubbin’ on that tail like a crystal ball.
he has the perfect muscle tail.
it looks soft.
i bet you can:

whoever was filming knows the deal.
they’re my kind of time.

lowkey: can my hair stylist bae,
kellon deryck,
step up next?

all my fav foxhole favs with the nice tails are being generous.
it’s only fair he gives me present too.

27 thoughts on “ramses principe and his tail brings about a crowd

  1. Lol these comments.. I swear gay dudes will do the most and make up fantasies about heterosexual men supposedly entertaining gay sex or whatever just to suit their narrative. Idc for him but maybe he just likes attention? Why everything gotta be he is advertising his ass to get fucked or he is fucking his homies on vacation? I’m not saying this never happens but Ive noticed that gay men will want to believe that anybody is gay as long as they are attractive

    Also him being douchey comes with the territory. Muscular attractive dude on instragam with hundreds and thousands of followers getting admiration online all the time. This shouldn’t strike you as a surprise. Not saying its right but its expected. Stop kissing these dudes ass (literally too). They are nothing without their instagram account.

  2. Didn’t you do a post on him a long time ago and several fox-ninjas said he looked real sad in his videos like he wasn’t happy with his life.

    Do these dudes ever have a steady woman? They always have girlfriends they dating ever other three months?

    He’s nice to look at. What’s his personality like when he opens his mouth, or is he one of those types?

    1. Ramses definitely has a nice body but you can tell in his mind that’s all he has to offer. You can tell that man’s life is centered around Instagram. I remember somebody posted a video of him at an event for entrepreneurs and the entire time he’s on his phone. He said he suffered from depression at one point and I’m sure he still does. Instagram is not the ideal place for people dealing with insecurities and depression. A lot of these guys are addicted to the wrong type of attention and they often end up burning out.

      1. ^can a foxholer get me that video please?
        i like seeing what these wolves are like off social media.

        i remember when i saw bk brandon in public at an event,
        his head was buried deep in his phone.

      2. I find it interesting that he is doing pushups in front of a crowd on a cruise ship….after reading your comment. I can only hope it was some sort of competition that he entered.

        However, I have found my conversations with him have never been where he came across as arrogant. He was always nice and polite. MOST of the individuals I’ve spoken with on IG are pretty cool, but you do have those who get a bit ticked off if a dude comments on their IG story or in their posts.

    2. i tuned into one of his lives a few weeks ago and someone asked if he lived alone and was he dating. he lives alone and said he’s not seeing anyone at the moment. also mentioned he doesn’t want to settle down with just anybody.

      he got a little arrogance too but pulled it back real quick

      @Lyfe – wow i didn’t know that

      1. I use to like Ramses but something is definitely off there. I don’t think he’s as nice as he pretends to be. It does not surprise me that he got a little arrogant.

      2. Yuck. He don’t choose to be alone. No one wants to deal with him. Idk…hope that attitude clears up or his life wont.

        1. people were so surprised, like OMG NO WAY. outside of his nice body and cool traveling adventures, his personality seems a little boring lol or maybe he was just dry that day

          1. He may be like that for real. Jamari has posted quite a few dudes on here I’ve never heard of and they look good and then they say or do sum dumb ish…which made me wonder if he was one of those types.

            Some of them can be dangeeoda too. Narcissistic energy vamipres, ready to snap.

            But look…don’t tell no one I said this but do he got some nudes leaked anywhere? I’m asking for my umm..friend..πŸ‘€

        2. That’s it, you said it! He has narcissistic energy, that’s what I’m picking up on. I wouldn’t be too keen to see his nudes though because I’m sure that dick is the size of a baby carrot.

          1. not a baby carrot LOL

            he hasn’t said nothing foul… yet. never know with these dudes. he def enjoys the attention, liking the comments about his ass, even from the gays πŸ‘€ and the booty ig pages

            let me find out ramses….

  3. ramses think he slick rick lol. i noticed he’s real coo with that tarzan dude. could be strictly platonic but something i peeped awhile back

  4. must…not…jack…off πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    its a reach but these dudes know what they be doing idc. ramses know that ass is phat and is the main attraction. am I complaining? hell nah, another slice of pound cake please!

    1. He also knows who’s looking at that booty. Let’s be real most women are not checking for no big booty man like that. Women want to see the print and that’s about it, they think that a man with an ass bigger than theirs is gross.What Ramses is doing is a dog whistle for a lot of dl fitness dudes who mess around with other guys from the gym. He use to love to post videos of him working out with those tight ass compressions pants and no underwear on, but I’m sure he started getting clowned for it so it stopped.

      1. IDK about that many Black women love a man with a nice ass and a nice back. The print is just the icing on the cake lol

      2. Gross? Eh no I’ve seen many women say they love touching a man’s juicy booty. I’m sure most women won’t complain about Ram’s ass. If its a fat ghetto booty and it looks feminine then maybe yes I can see where you’re coming from. However Ramses has a bubble toned muscle booty and it looks manly.

        1. ^i know a few vixens who love squeezing on their wolf’s cheeks.
          like endless said,
          if it’s the obvious fox donk,
          they will probably be grossed out.

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