some homophobes always have secrets hidden in their closets (ernest angley)

i love stupidity.
i really do.
it makes me soooo…
you know what makes me harder than chinese arithmetic?

When I find out homophobes know their way around a gay sexual experience

everyone meet ernest angley.
he’s a anti-gay televangelist with a interesting alleged past.
according to “raw story”,
he admitted to having relations with another male back in the day.
this is what someone dug up in an alleged recording

The Akron Beacon Journal reports that the recording was made available by a person who had read the newspaper’s coverage of a lawsuit filed against Angley by the Rev. Brock Miller, a former pastor at Angley’s Grace Cathedral who is alleging that he suffered years of sexual abuse at Angley’s hands.

In the recording, Angley can be heard discussing his sexual relations with a male church employee while on a mission trip to Africa. The Rev. Bill Davis, another former Grace Cathedral pastor, can be heard confronting Angley over the affair.

It’s not about your affair with [name withheld], and your sexual promiscuousness [or] impropriety, whatever you want to call it,” Davis said. “Now, that hasn’t got out.”Davis also informed Angley that his wife, Regina, had been contemplating publicly revealing Angley’s relations with men after Angley accused her of being “vulgar.”

“She was so angry over that word ‘vulgar,’” Davis tells Angley. “You know what she said she was going to tell? She said, ‘I’ll tell you what vulgar is: Him and [name withheld] naked, laying in… bed.”

it sounds like our poor ernest may have gotten his heart broken by a male.
he probably fell in love and realized some simply males ain’t shit.
ever since then,
he may have banished us all.
we aren’t all that bad ern!
at least get to know me before you hate me.
i’ve come to realize all that nonsense with the homophobes is foreplay.
how many stories are we gonna cover like this to realize?
lowkey: watch out for homophobes tho.
some are waiting for the gay to be unleashed.
others will unleash that gay and kill you after.
article cc: raw story

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “some homophobes always have secrets hidden in their closets (ernest angley)”

  1. As the old saying goes what’s done in the dark will come to light. My problem is if you know you’re doing it why try to condemn someone else for it. Never understood that way of thinking knowing your bones may end up falling out the closet.

  2. Im starting to believe these so called DL pastors really exist, I tell you they will do the direct opposite and I seen it before personally myself. Using these corrupt schemes to get ahead in life, well “double life”. I wish they would live their truth and represent the gay community.

    1. Not just with sexuality. Many of them are in it for the “lifestyle” it gives them. My former Reverend is a former thug from back in the day, who has divided the church like you would not believe. He lives a grand lifestyle while most of his congregation struggles with living from paycheck to paycheck, fixed incomes, etc.

      Some are carrying on affairs with dudes, congregation members, children of congregation members, etc. When things come out, it’s amazing those who side with the Pastor/Bishop/Reverend/Father..even if there is evidence.

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