Get That Shit Outta Me Please! (Backed Up Off It)

tumblr_muim2lwGV51rocvj9o1_1280as you know,
i love turning my crib into a spa.
since i can’t afford to go to a spa at the moment,
i always try to make my sanctuary my place of peace and pampering.
lately i have been feeling a little backed up.
i haven’t been as regular as i wanted to.
i decided that i was going to do a “colon detox” this weekend.
i wanted to treat myself inside and out.
foxes definitely need to make sure our tails stays fresh.

so it was a “me” situation this weekend.
no thoughts about work or a work wolf.
this entry is going to be tmi so you have been warned.
lets rewind back to a couple days ago…

i actually started with me talking to one of the vixens at work.
i noticed she had a water bottle filled with fruits.
my curiosity got the best of me so i had to ask.
she told me she has been doing a month long detox.
the water was infused with fruits because she is dieting.
now i definitely don’t need to lose any weight,
but she told me its good to drink to get the toxins out your system.
after i did some sniffin’ around,
i was ready to try it.
Fruit+Infused+Water+Recipes+LCthat night,
i went and bought a citroma and a ton of fruits.

mint leaves

as soon as i got home yesterday,
i took the citroma at like 7pmish.
i also blocked out my schedule.
i had a water contraption waiting in the fridge of lemons,
and mint leaves.
i drunk the water and i decided to take a nap.
when i woke up,
my stomach was starting to cramp something official.
i went into the living room to chill with mi.
lets just say i stunk up the joint..

“omg jamari!
what did you eat?!”

“i’m doing a cleanse.
its pulling everything out my body.”

“your farts stink!”

“i know.
i know.”

shy-smileyhell i was even grossing myself out.
well as i sipped on the detox water,
it made the citroma work much fast.
from like 10pm – 2am,
i was blowing my toilet down.
every time i got comfortable,
i had to get up and run to the bathroom.
it was an absolute mess.

even tho i had a few after shocks today,
i can say that i’m completely hollow.
i decided to pamper the outside.
i lit some candles,
burned some incense,
and cleansed the energy around me with some sage.
when mi left for work,
i ran a hot bath.
i filled it with this:

10770140…and sea salts.
it made the experience more enjoyable.
i love how dr. bronners peppermint soap makes my body tingle and get completely clean.
that soap is like magic.
i urge the foxhole to try it.
as i sat in there,
i tried to think positive thoughts and repeat affirmations out loud.
i also pictured beaches and exotic locations in my head.
after about an hour,
i got out the tub and ran the shower.
i washed my hair,
gave myself a facial,

exfoliated with a body scrub and mitts,
and re-lathered my body with my “gonna gets some” body wash.
i’m not actually getting some…
tumblr_inline_n98ja6HpKY1ql943k…but i wanted to pamper everything jamari fox today.

i’m now sipping on a grapes,
and blueberries mix while listening to the “50 shades of grey” soundtrack.
i have conditioner in my hair that i’ll keep on for another hour.
i’m also paid off some overdue bills.
i feel a lot better than i have in a while.
it feels good when you get back to you again.
i definitely needed this.
i can’t wait to get a wolf so we can do “spa weekends” together.

( x learn more about infused water here )

( x dr bronners )

*disclaimer: what make work for me may not work for you.
research everything before you try it.
i am not responsible for whatever happens.
try at your own risk.

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17 thoughts on “Get That Shit Outta Me Please! (Backed Up Off It)”

  1. I know this isn’t a work wolf post, but I am just dying to know how he looks! Does he bare a resemblance to someone? I’m just curious so that when I read the story’s I can have a visual. Thanks, J!

  2. Kinda gross, but I respect your honesty tho. I think I will do the detox water too, but for me everytime I drink my coffee, it cleans me out. I definitely want to try Dr Bronner tea tree soap because I have acne prone skin that I want to get rid of. I tried the black soap shea moisture and it helped a little.

  3. I drink nothing but lemon water when I’m on my health kick!

    Gives you so much energy, drops a significant amount of weight, keeps you hydrated, and makes your skin glow.

  4. I am dying. Lmao. That stuff is no joke, you definitely have to clear your entire schedule when doing a cleanse. I’m thinking about doing one in the next few weeks. And I’m glad you’re feeling good, lets keep this going!

  5. Yes, I know about the infused water I drink water with lemons, limes and mint all the time. It’s really good, but I haven’t had the experience that you had.

  6. I used to these spa like thing at my place all the time but when I started working I got too busy and lazy to do it. You should check out the Korean day spas ( I know there has to be some in ny) we have a really good one here in Atlanta and its like 25 bucks for the entry fee. Every time I’ve gone with friends its been fin and relaxing.

  7. Spa castle I heard is ghetto. And be careful with the Dr. bronners I use it and it’s great try not to use it everyday because it can strip your skin of essentials, also they have a Shea butter liquid soap that just like it that you will be able to use everyday. Etc. I’m going to try that cleanse. But also try to incorporate smoothies as a meal replacements.

  8. I love the peppermint soap! I couldn’t help but chuckle through this whole post! I need to do the same for me

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