Get That Shit Outta Me Please! (Backed Up Off It)

tumblr_muim2lwGV51rocvj9o1_1280as you know,
i love turning my crib into a spa.
since i can’t afford to go to a spa at the moment,
i always try to make my sanctuary my place of peace and pampering.
lately i have been feeling a little backed up.
i haven’t been as regular as i wanted to.
i decided that i was going to do a “colon detox” this weekend.
i wanted to treat myself inside and out.
foxes definitely need to make sure our tails stays fresh.

so it was a “me” situation this weekend.
no thoughts about work or a work wolf.
this entry is going to be tmi so you have been warned.
lets rewind back to a couple days ago…
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