How He Didn’t Star In “A Good Pounding” For Fame

tumblr_mxb5kljwoH1qg4blro1_500we all joke and say:

“shit i’d get down on my knees quick for my come up.”

…or am i the only one who said that?
well in hollywood,
there is something called “the casting couch”.
i’m sure you have heard about it.
its where some have ventured to become the stars you see today.
hell it even happens in corporate.
suck enough dick,
spread them cheeks,
or letting your pussy be your guide
may lead to insta-“made it”.
again: for some.
well rob kazinsky,
from a show called “warcraft”,
dropped a bomb at comic con recently.
this is what kyle buchanan tweeted about what rob said.

warcraftrobkrablinditemi guess by “this”,
he meant:


tumblr_nm6dj34gYW1si245xo1_500*giving or receiving negotiable.
i mean this is hollywood.
if people are pimping out their own children for wealth,
what makes you think a straight wolf didn’t/isn’t putting a dick in his mouth?
some of the vixens have done it.
now lets not get it twisted,
some people work really hard to get where they at.
they had good people around them and lucked up.
others sold their souls a long time ago.
don’t even sleep on the ones who didn’t give a fuck.
i was going to make an awesome joke,
but i’ll direct you ( x here ).

it doesn’t always have to be this twisted story either:

“come in,
drop your pants,
bend over the table,
and let cum in you face!
you’ll get an oscar nomination and maybe lunch.”

not everyone goes about it like a cheap hoe.


lowkey: i imagine it to be hard being a good lookin’ straight wolf in hollywood.
you gotta deflect thirst buckets in power positions left and right.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “How He Didn’t Star In “A Good Pounding” For Fame”

  1. This is sort of a tough one for. Hollywood has always been like this. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Producers/directors often hold the power and use it to their advantage. A lot of actors go to “the Wood” looking for their big break. Most of them run out of money, dreams, and hope real quick. The powers that be SEE that struggle and capitalize on it. Usually nobody talks and both parties get what they want. Same shit happens in sports and other major industries. You have to know yourself and be willing to live with the decisions you make to get where you want to go. Here is an eye opening story about the “big fish/little fish” quandary.

    1. Those r sme dope hats.
      Talk Abt dog eat dog world tho.
      Everyone’s gotta protect their shit

  2. And those who don’t make it as an actor in Hollywood goes to the Valley to become porn stars. Even the porn industry is fucked up

    1. Lmao. Dude, the porn industry is especially fukd up.

      Dunno. smehw, I feel there shld b a pun in there somewhere. Ha!

  3. Can I just ask… where is that first gif from of the guy receiving head on the steps? Please someone I hope you have answers

    Also, this is all a pretty messed up practice. Mainly because people who are making their way higher up in the executive portion of that industry see it as the norm, or what all those years of ladder climbing are for.
    What’s worse is that this happens to a lot of child actors as well allegedly. Dan Schneider who produced a lot of nickelodeon shows has had mannnnnny accusations against him.

    Weird thing is, I’m afraid if I made it as a big exec I’d abuse that power. I wouldn’t force people to sleep with me but it would be so tempting to have that sort of control.

    But I don’t condone that. Some small minds are unable to handle the larger complexities of authority when they receive it.

  4. It’s just not the entertainment industry that happens in just about any everyday field. At the hospital i work at nurses and doctors fucking corporate to get administrative positions. Shit like that is closer to you than you think. Whenever I meet an incompetent person in a high ranking position my first thought is whose dick did you suck to get here?

    1. @KB…OK!!! I see that ALL of the time. It’s sad when YOU know more than someone who’s higher than you.

  5. This shouldn’t be a shock to anyone. This type of behavior has been going on Hollywood since the 1920’s. Men and women both has been passed around in Hollywood. It happens in the entertainment industry PERIOD!!!!!

    1. Yeah…I’ve heard about that as well. I remember reading that the kid who accused Bryan Singer (X-Men movies director) saying that he and some other young boys were passed around at an orgy with big time producers and executives. So it still goes on.

  6. happens everywhere…people are for sale but the crazy thing is everyone wants to be famous not realizing that when you become famous you have NO LIFE everything is for the world to see, comment and share about…i dont know if i want all of that. i’d rather have financial security and freedom than to be known all over the world….but i feel if you stand firm in GOD, your beliefs, your ideals and don’t lose your identity you can make it in spite of, the road will just be more difficult…but my soul isn’t for sale nor is my peace…

  7. SMH. I cannot stand people who are like this. Why not just help people out of kindness, instead of giving them an ultimatum? It is disgusting. Not everyone wants to sell their soul and give away their body. Big props to this dude

    1. Ikr. It makes me sick. How do these people live with themselves knowing that they deliberately take advantage of people just for the sake of it? Smh. I heard it’s very bad in the modelling industry. Fashion designers, photographers etc. taking advantage of models.

      The worst part about the casting couch or sex trade in the corporate work in general is what happens if you don’t get that promotion? Or if you don’t get that success that you intended for? Now what? That would just lead to self-destruction.

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