James Van Der Beek Shares His Story of Sexual Harassment

i didn’t get into the “dawson’s creek” phase.
i was way too young to process what was happening.
james van der beek was a big thing back then.
everyone wanted a “dawson”,
including alleged sexual predators in hollywood.
this is what he tweeted in response to everything going on…
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Joe Budden Has Some Time For L.A. Reid

the best thing joe budden could do is start talking.
i mean with his “the joe budden podcast” and youtube show,
“everyday struggle”.
joe budden became a star again because of that deep voice and intellect.
i listen/watch his programming faithfully as soon as it’s uploaded.
aside from all the “drama” joe budden has,
he has never been one to bite his tongue.
so music exec,
l.a. reid,
allegedly got fired from epic for alleged sexual harassment.
joey hates l.a. reid.
he had a lot to say about l.a. on “everyday struggle” about it.
no “allegedly” either…
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How He Didn’t Star In “A Good Pounding” For Fame

tumblr_mxb5kljwoH1qg4blro1_500we all joke and say:

“shit i’d get down on my knees quick for my come up.”

…or am i the only one who said that?
well in hollywood,
there is something called “the casting couch”.
i’m sure you have heard about it.
its where some have ventured to become the stars you see today.
hell it even happens in corporate.
suck enough dick,
spread them cheeks,
or letting your pussy be your guide
may lead to insta-“made it”.
again: for some.
well rob kazinsky,
from a show called “warcraft”,
dropped a bomb at comic con recently.
this is what kyle buchanan tweeted about what rob said.

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Everyone Wants To Smash The Male Model

tumblr_mot4fuXwS81qd9ql4o1_500everyone wants to be a model.
its pretty obvious on the gram.
people think that because they look good,
and other people have told them they look good,
that they should be in a magazine or on a runway.
what they don’t realize is the world of model has a dark side.
i’ve spoken about it before,
but i don’t think people actually listened.
well a ton of f-bi sent me this article by tim murphy from yahoo style.
“the dark underbelly life of the male modelling world”.
you think you know but well…
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