Everyone Wants To Smash The Male Model

tumblr_mot4fuXwS81qd9ql4o1_500everyone wants to be a model.
its pretty obvious on the gram.
people think that because they look good,
and other people have told them they look good,
that they should be in a magazine or on a runway.
what they don’t realize is the world of model has a dark side.
i’ve spoken about it before,
but i don’t think people actually listened.
well a ton of f-bi sent me this article by tim murphy from yahoo style.
“the dark underbelly life of the male modelling world”.
you think you know but well…

“Harassment definitely happens,” says a men’s agent at a top agency, “more so than a lot of the guys like to tell us. A lot of them come back from shoots feeling very uncomfortable but they’re afraid that if they tell us, we’ll have to talk to the client. Then, if it gets back to the culprit, he, depending on his status, could actually destroy that model’s career.”

Most of the models I talked to said they’d experienced some form of ambiguous, low-grade harassment. “Guys have spent a lot of time adjusting my briefs, or wanting to adjust my junk when I can do it myself” on underwear shoots, one model told me, echoing many others. Another complained about stylists who “tuck in your shirt just a little too long and deep.” Eli Hall, a jovially cocky 24-year old suit model, and one of the few who talked openly, told me about a photographer who asked him to strip down to his underwear: “I told him, ‘What’s your problem? I’m a suit model.’

“I love getting sexually harassed!” he joked. “If I’m not getting sexually harassed, I’m doing something wrong.” But then, a notch more seriously, he added, “I have a very high tolerance for verbal sexual flirtation from either men or women”—he is straight—”but I draw the line at touching.”

Most of the models I spoke to told me that minor sexual discomforts didn’t faze them, that they were not as vulnerable as female models (in part because they industry hires them at an older age), and that they were grown men who knew how to draw a line. “It’s up to you, what you project and what you’ll put up with,” a model from Italy said after the Industria shows.

But a few models seemed genuinely shaken by prior experiences. “Someone spent two hours combing my hair once,” one told me. “Just the two of us in a room.” The same model said he’d also had an experience so bad that he couldn’t sleep for a week, but he wouldn’t divulge details, terrified that they’d reveal his culprit.

…and thats just a brief snippet from this informative article.
when i work #nyfw,
i have to be up close and personal with male and female models.
i will be face to face with tits or right in a male model’s crotch.
many female models get uncomfortable undressing in front of me,
as i’m sure they think i’m straight.
the males however will drop trou with no issue.tumblr_mi8ev1lK0x1rpzbo4o3_500

some gays would love to be in a room with half naked model wolves,
but i personally get uncomfortable.
i guess i don’t like touching wolves that i figure don’t get down.
maybe i’m scared they will think i’m gay and go off on me.
i like to keep my interacts with wolves respectable.
many times ive said:

“i’m so sorry”

…when touching his underwear,
putting his shirt in his pants,
or putting my hands on his chest.
all of them were extremely nice and said:

“don’t be sorry!
its your job!”

one even said:

“naw its cool i don’t bite…
well actually i do…”

tumblr_lvr3571kEy1r6osk5o1_500excuse me?
don’t play with me like that.
shiddddd i would have let him,

but again,
its all about the respect and boundaries i like to keep.
male models i have encountered do have a charisma about them.
they already know how the industry works.
everyone bends over backwards for them backstage.
playful flirting and playing dumb gets you far.
when i was backstage,
ive never really seen blatant fuckery.
i have seen flirting between obvious gays and the male models.
they often flirted back.
nothing outrageous,
but its all in how you play the game.
in all honesty,
and this is just from observation,
a majority of male models tend to be straight from what ive seen.
some i could tell were fuckin’ the vixens.
make up artists.
public relations.
vixens in power are pretty blatant with who they want to fuck.

tumblr_n935c5B62w1te0bypo3_400if they were messin’ with the gays,
it would obviously be really d/l.
its a whole nother world behind the scenes in the fashion industry.
great article tho.
it isn’t as dramatic as the article is making it out to be,
but you should be forewarned of what could happen.
i feel like everyone who wants to become a model should read it.


lowkey: this is why i want to get into image consulting and pr for men.
they would benefit listening to me.

read the full article: yahoo style

picture credited to: taejahn taylor

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Everyone Wants To Smash The Male Model”

  1. No surprise. Male models sell sex. So it should not be a surprise that those who work with them would want a taste and look and touch and grab if they can get away with it. The Hollywood casting couch isn’t just in Hollywood and it’s not just a couch.

    The models are not innocents. I’m sure that many of them have though “Now, who do I have to screw to get to the top?” And some of them have sexed men and women to make that money.

  2. J, this is so me about getting nervous in front of str8 dudes. When I am at the gym and a super fine str8 dudes comes into the lockerroom by me I get uncomfortable because I dont want him to catch me checking him out. I see so many dudes who are blatantly disrespectful while checking guys out at the gym. You can always tell a str8 dudes thinks your str8 when he drops his clothes in front of you and gets naked without a thought, though granted some str8 dudes are just exhibitionist. The majority however will cover themselves up if they feel that dudes are checking them out, this is especially apparent at gyms with large gay male populations. I usually will not look even when I have the opportunity lol. I was in the lockerroom one day and this Hispanic foxx was checking out this muscular older Black Wolf and he caught him. This dude went ape shit crazy, and told the Hispanic foxx he was not a faggot and he would beat his ass and to miss him with that Gay shit. I was floored, when I tell you it was quiet as a church mouse up in that joint that day. Personally, I thought that was bordering on Gay bashing and a bit extreme but lots of str8 Black dudes are very uncomfortable and very homophobic. I felt sorry for the dude but he sort of brought it on himself being so damn thirsty.

    One of my most intense relationships was with a dude who was pursuing his dream of becoming a male model. Man let me tell you he was just doing it on a local level and it was crazy. One dude who was a designer for this fashion show he was in, wanting him to come to his house/studio for a fitting. I tagged along, I could tell that this M.F. had bad intentions right away. My boo was so caught up in his dream that he could not see it. Well the dude was very short with me and then he set up another meeting where I couldnt attend. I told him that was game but he thought I was being jealous and we had a big falling out about this and that actually started the beginning of the unraveling of our relationship. He was younger and could not see these dudes were trying to get with him. He had a beautiful body and no less than about 4 dudes from photographers to designers tried some slick shit. I cant prove if he ever did anything while we were together but he was so hell bent on making it that he would not listen to me and I believe he could have been easily persuaded. I can only imagine what goes on a national level in a city like NYC or LA. The stories that I have heard about on the net regarding some of these wannabe Black models and how photographers have took illegal nudes of them or coaxed them into taking nudes etc. I think you have did an article in the past on here about it. Like my old boo he was pretty on the outside, but he had some deep scars on the inside that no one could see and he wanted approval and to be famous so bad, so I am sure these pretty boys out here are no different and are easily taken advantage of if they dont know the industry or how the game is played.

    1. Yea, it is bad to stare at other men at the gym, especially when they are straight. I would probably turn my back when other men are in the showers and while they are changing.

      1. The only exception is if they look, wink, or give you a hard friendly look then its ok and it has happened to me a few times as well. Only act when it warranted!

  3. Yea, I’d be uncomfortable touching a man that is straight as well. I like the bros and all, but nah, I couldn’t imagine dressing any dude but my own. Being in a room full of models in their draws would drive me wild, but I would try my hardest not to stare.

    I fell out laughing when I read the part about the model who was asked to remove his clothes and he was a suit model. Some gay dudes are too much man. Just do your job and let them do theirs.

    I might sneak a peak at Taejahn tho, the bro is sexy as hell. He can get 24/7.

  4. Once you decide that your body is the best of what you have to offer the world, you should expect this. If you are comfortable with people testing the boundaries of what you are selling when you offer yourself as meat, perhaps another career choice is in order. I just assume that anyone who has made it to the top of modeling, bodybuilding etc, has done so via the occasional exchange of sexual favors. The same assumption goes for “artists” who are famous but with no discernible talent. Rape is wrong, absolutely and unquestionably. Unwanted touching is wrong too. But, if you choose to work in a brothel, you can’t exactly take exception to being mistaken for a whore.

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