Real Foxes Cry While Eating Pork Chops

4630190889_2e01b1b6bawhen last have you cried?
honest question.
no judgment.
dudes bee actin’ like they are beyond crying.
like wtf is that shit about?
on some ol::

“naw son.
only bitches cry.
i’m a man!
a man!”

thats funny…
because when you cheated on your ex,

and they dropped you like a hot potato,
it was super masculine you called them crying and begging.

“baby please!
i made a mistake!
i’m sorry!
please baby!
i love you!
don’t leave me!
say something baby…”
*snot bubbles n shit*

uh huh.
whats up?
shut up.
so this what happened…

so yesterday was a relatively quiet day.
i wanted to go see “no good deeds”,
but it started pouring and i was over it.
i ended up sleeping half the day.
when i woke up i went to go get a haircut and then headed to the store.
i came home and cooked mashed potatoes,
smothered pork chops,
and cheesy brocoli in olive oil.

150e6b10-7aff-0131-bcef-7e31a2fe7c2ai know.
wish you were here too.
anyway i went and decided to finish up watching season 2 of “gossip girl”.
something about that show makes me happy.
i think it has to do with the life i dream of.
living the side of new yawk where you have money and able to do whatever.
plus i really love serena,
and blair waldorf’s characters.

i finished my last piece of my pork chop and something hit me.
i felt this rush of emotions rushing towards me.
i paused the netflix and then it happened…
i started to bawl.
like “trey songz” ugly cry bawl.tumblr_mkft5qk1uN1qd1oovo1_500i have been fed up with everything this week,
but i guess everything hit me full circle last night.
between this job and these passive aggressive fucktards,
the google adsense not working out as planned,
living this paycheck to paycheck life,
missing my parents and not being able to call them to vent,
and feeling like i’m just stuck in some sort of emotional quicksand

Abbey-Lee-Ive-Had-ITi needed that ugly cry.
no seriously.
i’m not ashamed at all.
i don’t like to cry in front of people,
but i will do it when i’m alone.
i gotta be a “g” out in these streets.
after i cried,
i felt a lot better.
sometimes you need a good fuckin’ cry.
you are no less of a man if you do.
listen there will be good days and bad days within the “gold digga era”.
its better i cry than lets say,
go and take a ton of pills or hang myself in my bedroom

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Real Foxes Cry While Eating Pork Chops”

  1. It is the people who can’t experience the emotional catharsis of a good UGLY cry who are truly dangerous. Congrats on not being one of them.

  2. As Bill Bellamy said, “Just blow it on out!” Sometimes you gotta let those emotions go. Glad you regrouped.
    P.S. I can cook the fuck out of a smothered pork chop.

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