Real Foxes Cry While Eating Pork Chops

4630190889_2e01b1b6bawhen last have you cried?
honest question.
no judgment.
dudes bee actin’ like they are beyond crying.
like wtf is that shit about?
on some ol::

“naw son.
only bitches cry.
i’m a man!
a man!”

thats funny…
because when you cheated on your ex,

and they dropped you like a hot potato,
it was super masculine you called them crying and begging.

“baby please!
i made a mistake!
i’m sorry!
please baby!
i love you!
don’t leave me!
say something baby…”
*snot bubbles n shit*

uh huh.
whats up?
shut up.
so this what happened…
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