Put an “X” Through Chris Brown

chris-brown-x-deluxe-edition-coverso this was the year,
our 3 reigning “ratch n blues” singers came out with albums.
well next week,
chris brown is going to come out with his new album simply titled,
one of my readers sent me the advanced copy to check out.
i really,

like this album!
clearly chris won this round.
the album has its buffet of party songs,
“sex stupid” tracks,
and a few mid tempos.
the album’s content deal with the usual topics:
sex (of course),
breaking up,
and moving on.
so trey songz was community peen on his album,
august was the hoodrat with the good weed next door,
and chris brown is your “x” boyfriend.
his album is “going out/chillin’ in the crib/in ya headphones outside”.
i’m sure you can get some good sex off this album,
but the album is definitely more “pre sex”.
my repeatables:

songs on 12 play feat. trey songz
new flame feat. usher and rick ross
time for love!!!!
autumn leaves feat. kendrick lamar!!!!!!!
do better feat. brandy!!!!
see you around
body shots!!!!
drown in it feat. r kelly!!!!
drunk texting feat. jhene aiko
lost in ya love!!!!!
give it away (my pussy)

giphyi do have one critique.
just one.
as much as i like the “bad boy that fucks good we should stay away from”,
i would have love to hear a song about his life topics.
his struggles,
being alone in that jail cell,
or his experiences being “the most hated”.
that would have been interesting.
michael jackson,
his idol,
sung about it all.

“man in the mirror”
“they don’t care about us”

….even r kelly got church on us during a sex album.
chris life can’t just be fuckin’ with bad bitches and finding out they not loyal.
or maybe i’m asking for too much?tumblr_nbaxudgtAp1sjes0bo1_500either way “x” is definitely worth checking out.

lowkey: thanks to my reader who sent me the album for review!

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8 thoughts on “Put an “X” Through Chris Brown

  1. i think Chris hit bottom during his Grafitti era no one was checking for him then and that was during the height of his rihanna abuse fiasco…I’ll check the album out but i feel he still has time to grow as an artist he’ still young…and MJ had a heavy machine behind him, a team of musical geniuses and a big super producer, Quincy jones, and many others so i really think many of MJ’s words weren’t his own…but many successful singers don’t write their own hits

  2. Im a little sad that the album is good. You don’t start getting better until you hit bottom. A hit, at this point, means he still has further to fall. He hasn’t yet been convinced that his dumb-fuckery is COMPLETELY unacceptable.

    1. ^i think it’s way better than the other two j!
      chris brown is like the “BeyoncĂ©” for male r&b singers.
      when his album comes around,
      things shut down lol

    1. ^thats the thing,
      who is buying it?
      i feel like the whites are over him.
      the blacks do a lot of five finger discounts.
      so he may get solid first week
      but may fall off after that.
      maybe he should have come out with the album right after the success of “loyal”.

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