Joe Budden Has Some Time For L.A. Reid

the best thing joe budden could do is start talking.
i mean with his “the joe budden podcast” and youtube show,
“everyday struggle”.
joe budden became a star again because of that deep voice and intellect.
i listen/watch his programming faithfully as soon as it’s uploaded.
aside from all the “drama” joe budden has,
he has never been one to bite his tongue.
so music exec,
l.a. reid,
allegedly got fired from epic for alleged sexual harassment.
joey hates l.a. reid.
he had a lot to say about l.a. on “everyday struggle” about it.
no “allegedly” either…


first of all,
joe is the example of “no fucks to give”.
he ain’t even scurred about a slander lawsuit from l.a. either.
like mo’nique in ( x the other entry ),
he put it all out there and doesn’t give a fuck about the blow back.
this might be “retribution” for joe with his dealings with la reid.
mo’nique is probably waiting for some drama to go down with her three.
it’s a natural reaction when someone who does us wrong gets their karma,
we are the first to sit front row with popcorn and homemade signs.

that may be how joe is feeling.

i don’t know much about l.a. reid.
i have heard similar from others in the industry tho.
it was never confirmed or denied.
just “talk”.
i guess there is a little alleged truth within the talk.
why does it seem the higher up you go…

…The more ratchet things can get?

 the entertainment industry especially.
in many other industries,
there is an underbelly of “pervert” going down too.
your ceo/execs at your job could have some serious skeletons.
all it takes is for one scandal for all of it to fly out.

lowkey: it’s awful when the higher up is gay and takes a liking to you.
when you don’t do what they say and they try to throw their power around…

…that is the worst.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Joe Budden Has Some Time For L.A. Reid”

  1. Heard stories for years about how much of a dick he was to people. I don’t even believe Babyface fucks with him anymore, and they used to be partners.

  2. Joe dropping knowledge tho. L.A. Reid is a terrible label head. It makes me believe that Babyface carried LaFace records.

    1. Billy B…Babyface DEFINITELY carried LaFace records. He did a lot of writing, composing and producing.
      LA did production here and there, but was mostly about A&R.

  3. I’ve neva cared for that ninja LA, jus sumn bout him and his face was always shady…and wasn’t his son on that MTV sweet 16 actin the damn new money fool and came off as a complete entitled asshole?…well, your children are typically reflection of u and your moral compass…I bet there needs to be a big ol’ “clearing the swamp” (ugh) in not only the music industry but tv/film/alldat…

    1. @JB…yeah, he had a Sweet 16 for his son on MTV, who acted just like you said…an entitled asshole. But that’s the daddy’s doing, because he was on there too, being arrogant.

  4. In terms of level of fame, I wouldn’t say he was ever a star in any sense. Even now, he is merely a personality the successfully paved a lane for himself, which is good in itself.

    But lawd is that man fine…..

  5. Honestly and truly, I’m not a fan of L.A. Reid. I’m also not a fan of Aaron Reid or Pebbles. In fact, when that whole TLC documentary came out, I felt bad for the girls. I also feel like L.A. Reid just wants to eat his cake, but he needs to eat humbled pie. Enter Octavia Spencer and her “Chocolate” creme pie.

  6. During the early LaFace yrs everybody wondered how Usher’s mom could entrust her teenager son to LA Reid, Diddy and Dallas Austin. Guess you can only hide the truth for so long. Smh

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