Joe Budden Has Some Time For L.A. Reid

the best thing joe budden could do is start talking.
i mean with his “the joe budden podcast” and youtube show,
“everyday struggle”.
joe budden became a star again because of that deep voice and intellect.
i listen/watch his programming faithfully as soon as it’s uploaded.
aside from all the “drama” joe budden has,
he has never been one to bite his tongue.
so music exec,
l.a. reid,
allegedly got fired from epic for alleged sexual harassment.
joey hates l.a. reid.
he had a lot to say about l.a. on “everyday struggle” about it.
no “allegedly” either…
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Brandon Hines Got My Full Attention Last Night

Talent shows are not my thing.

You know…
An event with someone TRYING to be a singer or rapper.
Invites to regulars, hanger-oners, and “soon to be ex” friends.
I only do label sponsored events these days.
Where I will be around the real heavy hitters.
The movers and shakers!

Last night,
a Fox got invited to a special event last night.
Look, I like the talent.
I also like talent that looks good.
Brandon Hines got that…

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