Brandon Hines Got My Full Attention Last Night

Talent shows are not my thing.

You know…
An event with someone TRYING to be a singer or rapper.
Invites to regulars, hanger-oners, and “soon to be ex” friends.
I only do label sponsored events these days.
Where I will be around the real heavy hitters.
The movers and shakers!

Last night,
a Fox got invited to a special event last night.
Look, I like the talent.
I also like talent that looks good.
Brandon Hines got that…


First of all,
the venue was hidden in the cut.
No lines; no waiting.
I liked that.

I liked his performances.
I don’t know half of what he was singing (sorry Brandon, I am new to your music),
but I’ll make sure to check him out from now on.
He had stage presence, but he did need to work the room.
He just sung… which is okay, but I need to hear his story.
Like, why were you on hold for 5 years?

Pictures from: GLOBAL14.COM

Aside form that,
Did I mention he looked good?
His lips take me places.
Shout out to all the fione industry Wolves in attendance, especially those who were in VIP.
I got introduced to some…..
Yeah, the one in the checkered shirt needs to be signed to Foxhole Records NOW!

I also got to meet Jermaine Dupri and LA Reid.
Very nice and humble.
This is what I mean…


I want all my Foxes, Wolves, Vixens, and Hybrids to keep an eye out for Brandon!
Now if only someone could have invited me to B.O.B album release party afterwards!!!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “Brandon Hines Got My Full Attention Last Night”

  1. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^send all the Kappa Wolves to my lair.
    I think Ques are sexier, but they are crazy.
    No offense.

    Kappas just got that smooth pretty boy thing going, i dated one… Liked him a lot…

  2. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^send all the Kappa Wolves to my lair.
    I think Ques are sexier, but they are crazy.
    No offense.

    I can’t into the Ques. They funny-looking and chubby to me. All the Kappas from when I was at Howard were 10’s!

  3. BBB :
    There are a lot of them in the frats.

    Yea you right. Had a dude that was in a frat eyeing me hard one night. He has a rep. to keep, so I left that alone. LOL. It’s not worth the stress.

  4. Liked him from the YouTube days….its a shame he went Hiatus but hopefully he makes up all that lost time and FAST!

    I could just imagine me and him flip flopping all night long as he sings “yes you areeeee” lol

  5. Is he the one who was linked w/Trey as his undercover lover? Maybe there wasn’t enough space for two lean, light-skinted R&B singers, and Trey sucked more dack than Brandon. I mean if I was A&R, I might be hard-pressed to distinguish them…*shrug*

    Given how the industry works, I’d rather be a writer & producer; I’d make more money.

    1. He’s one of the two that have been allegedly linked with Trey. The other is Brandin Deida, who is/was employed by RocNation. That joker is foine!!!

      What info do you have on him, Jamari?

  6. Brandon has always been great. Even with that wandering eye of his.
    Didn’t know he’s been around the industry. I just knew about him being with Trey.
    Either way, he’s greatly talented. A shame he hasn’t blown up yet.

    I heard somewhere that Trey is actually the one that shut his shit down.
    But who knows.

    1. ^from what I am told,
      Trey is very jealous when someone is coming for his crown.
      I like Trey and all,
      But there is enough room at the table for everyone to eat.

      1. I wouldn’t be suprised if Trey thought that Brandon could still his crown. Brandon already looks better then Trey, but if he had a body and a voice like him he would be dangerous in the industry.

  7. his previous releases are SO good, good enough to make a CLASSIC album! song after song on FIRE! i hope JD lives up to the expectations.

    When It’s Right
    Fallon’ Out
    Breakin’ Walls

  8. I think that he’s very underrated as an artist. People don’t realize that he can really sing. Yes You Are is my shit.

    I know Brandon has been around, but I wanna tap that ass….BAD. It’s just something about him. I know that those niggas at Howard had mad fun with him.

    1. Howard is full on downlow, hoe niggas. Especially the Kappas. I hope Brandon got his dick off campus.

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