James Van Der Beek Shares His Story of Sexual Harassment

i didn’t get into the “dawson’s creek” phase.
i was way too young to process what was happening.
james van der beek was a big thing back then.
everyone wanted a “dawson”,
including alleged sexual predators in hollywood.
this is what he tweeted in response to everything going on…

terry crews done opened the door for the males to share.
it’s definitely not just vixens that deal with this.
i’d love to hear from some in the music industry.
that side seems the most corrupt.
chris brown seems like he has a story.
either way,
i applaud every male who comes forward with a story.
that is a brave thing to do.

lowkey: i am disgusted rose mcgowan got suspended on twitter.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “James Van Der Beek Shares His Story of Sexual Harassment

  1. James is hiding some major league cakes, so I’m not surprised the pervs were grabbing on him. Hollywood, like a lot of professions that gives men so much power, that they think they can grab and harass anyone they like. It’s a real shame. That’s why people stay quiet; it’s hard to go up against those who are bigger fish than you.

  2. I had a college professor (much older) that made sexual advances at me… Really tramauatizing flashbacks of his old ass saying stuff…and suggesting stuff. I never did anything with him but I know I probably wasn’t the only student he made passes at and showed “things”….*shudders*

    1. ^omg,
      i feel you.
      when that hyena from my job was hitting on me,
      i felt so uncomfortable.
      i get it.
      it’s not even being attracted to someone either.
      there is a level of respect that one should have.

  3. The history of the “Hollywood Casting Couch” is long. Marilyn Monroe is thought to have commented after reaching stardom something like “If only you knew how many dicks I had to suck to get to where I am”.

    Males and females have spent time on the “Hollywood Casting Couch” with men and women. “You got what I want. I got what you need” is as old as civilization. Here the want is a sexual experience and the need is a career/money.

  4. Well… im not sure i’m ready to share my story with my big brother’s friend when i was just 12 or with my college professor yet. I can say that here cause it’s anonymous so i’m confortable enough to mention it but the last time i told that to someone i know i got “that’s because you’re too girly, too feminine not man enough, you wanted it stop playing”. Every time i read stuff like that i just cry. People don’t realise how dirty you can feel after all that. And where i’m from for a boy to admit you have been abused it’s like admitting that you’re weak because “you’re a boy you can fight” so it’s not possible and then it becomes your fault. I respect those who are strong enough to speak and share their experience but i can’t, not yet.

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