Cara Delevingne Steps Up To Share Her Experience With Harvey Weinstein

this nearly made me cry at work.
i felt for ^this vixen.
model vixen,
cara delevingne,
might come from a rich family,
but that didn’t stop harvey weinstein from allegedly preying on her.
she wrote a serious tell all on her ig today.
this is what she fonted

i would have been so scared.
how does one even remove themselves from a situation like that?
you gotta think quick af.
cara thought she was safe.
whoever that assistant is needs to be found.
she legit set cara up to be allegedly raped.
the assistant was either:

a triflin she-jackal
  under harvey’s alleged control

you never know with the twists and turns down this rabbit hole.
it seems like so many were emotionally bound and gagged.
hollywood is legit unraveling before our eyes.
who’s next?

lowkey: where is “serena van der woodson”?
she was close with harvey.
i’m surprised she isn’t talking?
what about “olivia pope”?
“dark angel”?
“black widow”?
don’t even get me started on the males he worked with.
all quiet…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Cara Delevingne Steps Up To Share Her Experience With Harvey Weinstein”

    1. FACTS!! I’m sure many of the “A/B list” actresses that are keeping mum probably succumbed to his advances. I’m pretty sure that some of the accusers also did dirt too but don’t feel comfortable enough to admit to it.

  1. Why is Brandon Davis got u on his ig story saying “found some fan pages” “they got pics i never even uploaded before” like he dnt know who u r and the fact that this is NOT a fan page, seems like he was tryna stunt 🙄

  2. Now you’ll notice no black women have come forward.

    I know I wasn’t surprised these marginally talented white actresses had to do something “extra” to get these lead roles and get paid 5 times what black actresses get paid.

    Look at the Forbes highest paid actress list. I wouldn’t be surprised if Harvey Weinstock had at least half the list at some point.

    People think A list actors like Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Leonardo DiCaprio weren’t in on it?! I doubt it. They can basically choose what actress they will or won’t work with.

  3. She a fake bi woman in the public who a real lesbian in her private life I’m so happy she stopped using the fake bi sexual I’m happy she is living her true self as a lesbian now I’m glad she stand up for herself

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