They Are Waiting For The Smoke To Clear To Bring You Down

tumblr_m6a5makycy1qz8rpeo1_1280it always starts with faint smoke behind us.
some people can see it.
some just don’t pay attention to it.
next starts with our “behavior”:

can’t keep people in their life for too long
always in some kind of drama
can’t take responsibility for their actions
an attitude or a cloud of negativity that follows

it takes that one fire for the forest dwellers to take notice.
now bad things do happen to good animals,
but in most cases,
its simply “you get whats coming to you”.
you just never know when your nasty ways will catch up to you.
right now you think you are on top of the world being an asshole,
but every asshole has a trail of shit waiting to drop.
we all have to face our judgment for our actions.
usually the punishment comes 10 times worse.
take our pony tail wearing mini mariah-tron for example…

look at how one incident can bring all your fuck shit out.
ariana grande didn’t think it was anything in doing what she did.
she thought her back up dancer bae wanted to playing of “truth or dare”.

“lets go to the donut shop” he said.
“lick the donuts on the counter” he said.
“no one will see you” he said

“let me do it” she said.
“no one was looking” said.
“let me diss the same country that makes up my fanbase” she said.

tumblr_nf8li9rD6I1r2n2w2o1_500…now look at her?
her life is pretty much being blacklisted.
radio stations have started pulling her music.
she has even been replaced to sing at an upcoming baseball game.
hell she is sitting there un-following her stans for not co-signng her behavior.
does this chick really want to go back to florida forever?

i have heard about her nasty attitude.
the forests have been rumbling silently.
her ex colleagues have spoken out about it.
the smoke has definitely been there.
now its hard for her stan base to defend her for her trifling ass ways.
shit she might not be missed.
i know i won’t miss this: this be a lesson to the foxhole.
you ain’t as invisible you think.
i’m not either.
i try to be a pleasant fox.
sure ive had to battle a few assholes,
but like i said,
their shit caught up to them eventually.
giphy-1it just takes one situation for people to start saying:

“oh this is a long time coming.”

we create our own karma.
its always begins with the smoke from the bridges we burned.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “They Are Waiting For The Smoke To Clear To Bring You Down”

  1. *POOF* Be gone….
    That’s all…
    Never really cared for her anyway. People need to learn that TO WHOM MUCH IS GIVEN, MUCH IS REQUIRED! 2015 stardom is a million times different than 1995 stadom. Be grateful once God elevates you. I can see if one of her friends outted her with cellphone footage, but she was in a public business… 🙄 Um, “public behavior” = “BEST behaviorbehavior”

  2. Yeah she’s a waste of time. She can take her whiny twelve year old voice and disappear. I only advocate true talent, and true talent comes in a package. It’s not just the raw goods. You have to be humble and work hard to get my respect.

    This spoiled brat can go back where she came from. She can take Justin Bieber, Miley Vyrus, and any other idiot disney kid and crawl back into the hole they came from. There’s a some true talent out there that’s in my age bracket that aren’t getting the recognition they deserve yet we are inundated with these entitled brats who think they’re important.

    K I will leave it at that, but I could go on all day about these morons. They’re garbage lol.

    This is why I don’t do mainstream lol.

    1. I always said she was too nasally for my taste. LOL
      Smokey said it best at the BET Awards…and I think he was throwing shade at Nicki Minaj when he said it…but don’t act like you all that and forget where you came from and WHO made you. Your FANS…and as quick as they can put you on top, they can make you a has-been.
      And TOO MANY of the artists today act like their shyt don’t stink…when in fact they’re not all that talented.

      1. And now that I think about it…Kendrick Lamar was the only artist from this generation that gave thanks to God. Hmm. LOL

      2. Yes Christian! She has a very “whiny” voice to me, same with Sam Smith, but hers is really bad IMO. Her vocal range is absolutely insane (in a good way) but the tone of her voice is really annoying to listen to. It’s hard for me to call her “talented” because she only seems ot sound good when she’s singing other people’s stuff *cough* like when she imitates Mariah Carey or sings Whitney Houston songs* LOL! She has the raw goods, but isnt a true artist to me, so I’ll skip on calling her talented, ill just say she can sing her ass off lol.

        You’re absolutely right about her attitude and riding that wave. You’ve only got 15 minutes so you better use it trying to extend your 15 to 20 by being likeable or reduce it to 1 by being entitled. She will be washed up in no time at the rate she’s going.

        If you’re a celebrity, you better ride that wave because they rarely come back. Be humbled by the fact you’re even on a wave, because it could come crashing down at any moment, or never come to you at all. She’s my age but I’ll say this: “stupid kids”…lol

  3. Meh, I don’t care about her that much, but I think it’s just a mere boo boo she’ll get out of fine. People have done worse….

  4. She has always got on my nerves anyway and I also heard before she has a bad attitude, this situation was just so disgusting.

  5. this is kind of a shame, on one hand i like Ariana’s talent and I think everyone has been in a situation where they didn’t use the best judgement or say the best thing. I’m sure she though it was just fun and games and I’ve been there with that mindset so I get it. On the other hand I have heard about her nasty attitude and sometimes when she performs live it ain’t up to par like it needs to be.

    I just hope it’s a lesson she can learn from, you are in the public eye, no matter what you do you are being watched, so being persuaded by your no name back up dancer who you’re fucking to do some fun shit doesn’t need to happen again.

  6. It wasn’t a good idea to insult the country, even tho I know gringxs can be pain the ass without a doubt.

  7. I’m sorry, but this is stupid. All this controversy is just stupid….

    Honestly, she was just being silly. I don’t think she really hates America, she was being sarcastic. I would think people would be smart enough to examine how exactly she said it.

    I think she should pay the donut shop to nice sum, but that’s it.

    1. But this white Americans we are dealing. They don’t know the difference between sarcastic and hatred. I mean these are the same people who think being called mayonesa is racist.

  8. Well that’ll learn ya! I hope Trey Song’s take note cause his day is coming too and maybe sooner rather than later so stay tuned for the next episode of “What comes up must go down” .

  9. I’m ashamed to say I have a couple of her songs from her latest album on my playlist but f*ck it lol, they make noise in these skreets (no pun) *Don’t kill me*

    And I don’t really give a f-ck, and my excuse is that I’m young *Drake voice*

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