so the penguin violated me tonight

inconsiderate jackals really burn my biscuits.
did the parents teach them any manners?
so the penguin clearly lives in new yawk.
after his life of crime,
he is “one of us” now.
i’m sure.
so i’m standing on the train by the door,
minding my business,

…i feel something press down on the back on my foot.
hard af.
not even just my foot,
but the whole back of my jeans.
it made instantly look back like “wtf!?”.
when i look,
oswald cobblepot is standing next to me.
i guess he was trying to get on the train before the door closed.
he ran on there and stepped on all my shit.
mistakes happen.
i would have been cool if he wasn’t rude about it tho.
he looks at me,
gives a swift eye roll,
and goes to stand in front of me,
all like this pineapple didn’t just step on my shit.
i had to eye-press him like he was really bugging.
he looks at me a second time during my eye-pressing like…

“Okay and…?”

he checked his pants to see if he was good tho:

get your whole shit together oswald.

low-key: i’m glad his shoes didn’t mess up my shoe/pants.
i would have flipped on him.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “so the penguin violated me tonight”

  1. This is honestly a real issue though. White men on the subway in NYC are beyond rude. I find myself going off in public more often than before and than they literally shrug and say everything but go eff yourself. I once recently found myself snatching one up by his book bag and having yell “let go of me or I will call 911 right” and me screaming that I don’t give a F! He bumped me so hard running for the train my phone went flying in the air and managed to leave a few cracks! This is frustrating because I’d honestly like them to just be more careful next one is gonna knock us off a platform and we’ll just be another tragic train death statistic.

      fuck that!!!
      some of these white jackals are so rude on the train it’s ridic.
      they will bump into you and look at you like you did.
      straight attitude.

      this is why i stand all the way back.
      you’re right.
      they will push you down there and scream “accident”.
      nah homie.
      be careful.

      1. Right!!!!! He actually threatened to call the cops on me for going off as a result of him pretending like it was no big deal! And sadly the cops would have arrested my black azzz. The white male continues to stick their little dicks in our faces expecting us to suck it and shut it. Not I Sam I am. You are not looking at my ancestors.

      1. So true! I find that problem with Indian and other Asians, Chinese/Japanese. They will try to squeeze into the tiniest space if it’s open next to you. I had to tell a guy once, dude are you serious? You would literally be sitting on my leg and the guy next to me. You’re not fitting into this space! And they look at YOU like YOU’RE the crazy one! 😂

  2. Pretty sad people are like that. The world we live in…but folks wonder why their lives ain’t right. I always say that if someone is that rude to you, they have no respect for you or your life. Aviod these “future problems” at all costs.

  3. @Jamari Fox.. LMFAO you did NOT called this bitch Oswald Cobblepot. lmfao. Now, I cant wait for the new season of Gotham. lol

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